Common uses of some string manipulations in C #

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This article mainly explains the basic operation knowledge of string strings.

Reverse output

String str = Console.ReadLine ();            for (int i = str.) Length-1; I >= 0; i--)            {                console.write (str[i]);            }            Console.ReadLine ();

Calculate the length of a string

String myString = "This is a test!"; Console.WriteLine ("text is: {0}", myString) Console.WriteLine ("Text ' s long is: {0}", Mystring.length)

Convert case

myString = Mystring.tolower (); Convert all characters to lowercase myString = Mystring.toupper (); Convert all characters to uppercase

Delete space before and after

myString = Mystring.trim (); Delete the space before and after the string char[] TrimChars = {', ' e ', ' s '}; Ready to delete the character myString = Mystring.trim (trimChars); Delete all specified characters myString = Mystring.trimend (); Delete the string after the space myString = Mystring.trimstart (); Remove spaces before a string

Add a space

myString = Mystring.padright (14, "); When the string is not 14 bits long, fill myString = Mystring.padleft (14, ") with the specified character on his right; When the string is not 14 bits long, fill with the specified character on his left

Splitting a string

string[] Nstrs = Mystring.split (", 3); Split by Space and returns the first three strings

Get substring

String a = Mystring.substring (2,2); Gets two characters starting from the third bit of the mystring string, because the index start bit is 0

Replacing characters in a string

String a = Mystring.replace ("i", "O"); Replace All "I" in this string with "O"

String is a read-only group of char variables

String myString = "This is a test!"; foreach (char mychar in myString) {Console.Write ("{0}", MyChar);}

An array of characters that can be read and written

char[] Mychars = Mystring.tochararray ();

How to represent special characters

Since double quotation marks are used in C # to break the beginning and end of a string, for some special characters, such as double quotation marks, you need to use auxiliary characters called escape characters to represent them.


String operations are particularly important in programming and are the most frequently used, and need to master the common use of string operations

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Common uses of some string manipulations in C #

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