Compare react Native, Dcloud, Luaview three frame technology (internal)

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The main comparisons between react native and 5+sdk (which is the SDK for Dcloud) are two:

  1. Development language: Three are all in other languages to unify the development of iOS, Android application framework technology, wherein, React native is using pure js,5+sdk is the use of JS and Html,luaview is the use of the Lua language, the three are using CSS or class CSS layout, It's a lot like this.
    All three can use native (IOS, Android) language to do a part of the function, such as the special performance requirements of the place, the use of native code to write, and then the front-end scripting language calls;
  2. Development efficiency: RN and 5+SDK is the main use of JS language to do development, efficiency is not a problem, luaview using the LUA scripting language, this is not familiar to everyone, so the recommendation first two;
  3. Dynamic release Features: All three support dynamic release, and the most convenient is RN (briefly said RN how to work, RN used is react technology < This technology has been for many years, is more mature, only RN appeared 1.5; This technique is based on node. JS and is released in the background with node. js, file modification is released without the need to do additional versioning < versioning using SVN or git >; release, In the background, the entire project is published as node. JS, the main project is basically an empty project, the introduction of other native modules, so management is very convenient)
  4. Extensibility: All dynamic release, only the basic native components need to update the need to AppStore audit release;
  5. Readability: RN is the use of pure JS development, do not need HTML, the number of lines in the code is generally much less than 5+SDK, and the development process of RN, the specification does a good job (personal feeling html+js+css will lead to the number of lines of code increase a lot, reading is not so convenient)
  6. Performance: RN is the use of JS Bridge plus native Bridge two ways to combine, and then add to increase the contrast differential algorithm incremental rendering, and rendering are native rendering, performance, although more than pure native almost, but still far more than H5 performance much faster;
  7. Related development tools: 5+SDK provides a tool, also good, but we generally use other text editor to do it; RN also provides a development tool, the Atom Editor plug-in nuclide, is not proficient, but it should be good (and many people use sublime).
  8. Development of the initial stage, the speed: RN relatively large, although the use of pure JS development, but the use of react development, there are a lot of API needs to be familiar with and use, compared to 5+sdk the speed is a bit troublesome, and the development environment of RN needs a lot of command-line tools to build and use This also to the use of Rn added a certain difficulty, but with proficiency, will find RN this way of good, it is really good who use who know (seemingly 5+sdk also need to be familiar with a lot of API, this seems different is not particularly large);
  9. Community Power: Rn was born after react only 1.5, but GitHub's star number has reached 3, 40,000, this fiery degree is far more than the other framework hot more than the other, the strength of the community, means less pits, or even if there is a pit repair is fast, there is a problem can find a solution faster , the faster the frame is perfected
  10. Open Source: This is also a very important factor, RN and Luaview is open source, open source means that our developers can control the greater the intensity of this year, the framework is not open source, sooner or later die;
  11. Documents: RN document is still very full, there are many foreign language translation, the official also has relevant video, 5+SDK and Luaview documents are very general, hot is 5+sdk, not open source, the document is not updated;
  12. RN Another advantage: RN belongs to react, grammatical characteristics are consistent, react slogan is learn once, write everywhere, and react is for web development, skilled this, can put the company related modules, For example, the Web can be unified, of course, 5+SDK can do this, luaview do not do this, it only applies to iOS, Android adaptation.

Finally, share a find an open source RN developed by the app:

Compare react Native, Dcloud, Luaview three frame technology (internal)

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