Comparison and Analysis of Common open-source free php cms Content Management Systems in China

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CMS stands for "Content Management System". A template-based design can accelerate website development and reduce development costs. There are already a lot of php cms in China today, among which there are many excellent free open source users. This article will analyze php cms from the SEO perspective for reference only.


1. phpcms
A comprehensive website management system that generates HTML from the PHP + MySQL architecture, which can be quickly and efficiently applied to Linux and Windows Server platforms. It is also an open source php development framework. Phpcms consists of more than 20 functional modules, including content model, Member, question bar, topic, finance, order, advertisement, email subscription, short message, custom form, and full-site search, built-in five content models: News, images, downloads, information, and products. Phpcms adopts modular development. It supports custom content models and member models, and supports custom fields. Phpcms is the leading website content management system in China. It is one of the best website management application solutions in Chinese Linux environment.
Latest product: phpcms2008
Popularity: the number of Forum members: 103132, the average daily posting: 2500, simultaneously online: 2000


2. dedecms
Dedecms is a well-known Content Management System in China. After four years of extensive application and detection of complex environments, dedecms has a high reputation in terms of security, stability, and ease of use, highly respected by the majority of webmasters. Dedecms is developed using PHP + MySQL technology, and the program source code is fully open. With respect to copyright, dedecms can greatly meet the requirements of webmasters for Secondary Development of website programs. Dedecms is the first open-source content management system in China. Since its birth, dedecms has always adhered to the principles of open-source and free-of-charge. As we all know, open-source programs have high requirements on code standardization and program security. dedecms has four years of open-source experience, its flexible product architecture, strong scalability and Scalable Performance can meet the current and future application requirements of webmasters.
Latest product: dedecms v5.3
Popularity: Forum members: 139026, daily posting: 1800, online at the same time: 1500 (the popularity of dedecms forums is not enough. A newbie asked a question in it. Basically no one answered the question, relatively depressing)


3. Empire website management system (ecms)
Developed independently by the Empire development working group, it is a well-designed and efficient website solution for Linux, windows, UNIX, and other environments. From the Empire news System Version 1.0 to today's empire website management system, her functions have undergone several leaps and bounds, making website setup and management extremely easy!
She uses the system model function: users can directly expand and implement various systems in the background, such as products, real estate, supply and demand, and so on. Therefore, diguo CMS is also known as the "Universal website creation tool". It adopts the template separation function: completely separating content from the interface, flexible labels + User-defined labels, it enables a wide range of website pages and styles; unlimited topic categories; all static content on the front-end: with powerful access volumes; powerful information collection functions; super advertising management functions ......
Different Versions of Alibaba Cloud provide you with a brand new, fast, and excellent website solution to meet the requirements of applications from small traffic to large traffic and from individual to Enterprise.
Latest product: ecms5.1
Popularity: the number of Forum members: 189729, the average daily posting: 2000, simultaneously online: 2000


4. php168-php168 full-Site System
Php168 is the most powerful website construction system in the PHP field. The code is all open-source and can be easily used for secondary development. All functional modules can be freely installed and deleted, and individual users can use them for free.
Latest product: php168 2008 full-Site System
Popularity: Forum members: 145878, daily posting: 3000, online at the same time: 2000 (this forum is very popular, the moderator is also very active, experts are also willing to help new users solve the problem)


5. hbcms
Hongbo CMS features: simple, easy to use, beautiful, and practical.
Hbcms product copyright: personal non-commercial use, completely free!
Latest product: hbcms version 0.9.9
Popularity: the number of Forum members: 15391, the average daily posting: 20, simultaneously online :/


6. lingbo-Limbo (lite mambo)
As the name implies, it evolved from mambo. It aims to simplify the original mambo system while inheriting some of the powerful functions and features of mambo to make it lighter and smaller. In addition, limbo supports three installation methods: txt, MySQL, and SQLite.


7. supsite
A PHP program system that automatically converts Forum resources into portals. Using supesite and your existing forum, you will have a fully functional and resource-rich site system; from a forum to a website, everything is done automatically without any interference. This allows you to easily create a website.


There are many phpcms in China. The above lists only the most famous php cms, although in no particular ranking, however, in terms of fame and industry influence, you can refer to the top four phpcms for better performance.

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