Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of MVC and WebForm, and advantages and disadvantages of MVCWebForm

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Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of MVC and WebForm, and advantages and disadvantages of MVCWebForm

1. Advantages of WebForm

1) supports event model development. Thanks to the rich server components, WebForm development can quickly build Web applications.

2) easy to use and easy to get started

3) rich WebForm controls

2 WebForm disadvantages

1) The package is too strong. Many layers are difficult for beginners to understand.

2) Easy to get started and difficult to improve.

3) it is not easy to learn complex lifecycle models.

4) inflexible Control

5) ViewState Processing

6) for asynchronous requests, each request must have a common processing program corresponding to the background.

7) inconsistent with traditional Web development methods

3 advantages of MVC

1) it is easy to divide complex applications into three component models: M, V, and C. Through Model, View, and Controller, the complex architecture is effectively simplified, reflecting the good isolation principle.

2) Because Server-Based forms is not used. Therefore, our programmers are more flexible and the pages are cleaner.

3) You can control the claimed custom URLs. seo-friendly URLs are even more difficult.

4) implementing a strong view makes it safer, more reliable, and more efficient.

5) enables web Development to focus on a specific layer, which is more conducive to the use of division of labor and large-scale architecture development.

6) Support for asynchronous processing in MVC

7) extremely high Verification

8) the automatic assembly function is provided when the form is submitted.

9) Global filters provided by Microsoft

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