Comparison of playground and OC syntax in 2.Swift

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1.playground 1.1 IntroductionAt the WWDC conference in 2014, Apple officially unveiled swift--'s new programming language for Apple's mobile device software development effort. To match the birth of the new language, Xcode 6 adds a new feature called playgrounds-a set of interactive workspaces where developers can write swift code and get real-time performance feedback without having to run it in a device or simulator. This is undoubtedly a good addition to Xcode, and now you can quickly and easily master real-time performance in an experimental way before you formally add your own code to the main code base.1.2 Hints
    • Some of the official learning resources are provided in theplaygroundform of
    • Create a file of your ownplaygoundand be able to discover grammar changes the first time each version is upgraded
Enter the Welcome interface interface 2left : code area Right : run result display area I call it: what you see is what you getInterface 3 directly See development effects without compilingfunction : Convenient for beginners to drill quickly, easy to test code  2. First experience, different from OC
/*syntax : InitializeOC alloc/initwithxxx alloc/initSwift class name (XXX:) ()  method call Point syntax call method OC: [Uicolor redcolor];Swift:UIColor.redColor enumeration : Oc:uibuttontypecontactadd     Swfit:. separate Span style= "font:12.0px ' Heiti SC light '; Font-variant-ligatures:no-common-ligatures; Color: #008400; " > Quick and practical Check the enumeration -> Enter- > Right-click ->. Span style= "font:12.0px ' Heiti SC light '; Font-variant-ligatures:no-common-ligatures; Color: #008400; " > select enum Enumeration . The first half of the section can be omitted Note omitting the first half of the enumeration may not only prompt   Swift Language is more concise */ import UIKit  var str = "Hello, Playground"  Letv =UIView(Frame:cgrectmake (0, 0, 100, 100 v. BackgroundColor = uicolor. Redcolor()  let BTN = uibutton< Span style= "font:12.0px Menlo; Font-variant-ligatures:no-common-ligatures; " > (type:. contactadd) btn. center = v. center v. Addsubview(btn)  //let image = UIImage (named: "xxxx")
3. Summary
  • Not in Swiftmain.m,@UIApplicationMainIt's a program entry.
  • Only files in Swift.swift, no.h/.mdistinction between files
  • In Swift, a class is enclosed in a pair{}, with no@implementation@end
  • There is no semicolon at the end of each statement, and in other languages, semicolons are used to distinguish between different statements.

    • In Swift, it's usually a line of code, so you don't use semicolons
  • A quick comparison with OC syntax

    • corresponding in OCalloc / init()
    • corresponding in OCalloc / initWithXXX(XXX: )
    • class function calls in OC, in Swift, directly using the.
    • In Swift, the vast majority can be omittedself., the recommendation is generally not written, can improve the understanding of the context (closures will be realized)
    • Enumeration types in OC are usedUIButtonTypeContactAdd, while Swift separates, Operation Hotkeys:回车 -> 向右 -> .
      • In Swift, the prefix of an enumeration type can be omitted, such as:.ContactAdd, but: many times no smart hints
    • Listener method, directly using string to cause
    • In Swift, useprint()an alternative in OCNSLog

Comparison of playground and OC syntax in 2.Swift

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