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More and more mobile application developers have been involved in the development of smart TV applications since le-Mi's Smart TV fire. In fact, the development of smart TV and mobile application development have both the same point, there are many different points.

Most mobile developers are based on both Android and iOS, and in smart TVs they are largely Android, and Apple is slow to roll out Apple TV, so there's basically no smart TV developer on iOS. So this paper compares the development of smart TV and mobile development in Android system.

Smart TVs have several features. Although the TV physical size is more, but the resolution is relatively concentrated, at present there are mainly 1920x1080,1280x720,1366x768, the former two mainly, this is different from the mobile phone, mobile phone resolution is much more. The main control of television is the normal remote control, while the main operation of the mobile phone is touch. Different control methods, design guidelines are not the same. TV through the remote control operation, then to consider the focus of movement, to consider the application of the remote control response to be sensitive, and mobile phone applications mainly consider the sensitivity of the touch.

Users are generally far from the TV, so the font is big enough, unlike the phone. TV is generally used wired network or wireless network, so when watching the video does not need to consider the traffic problem, and the phone is not the same, the user in the view of large traffic data, the general should remind the user whether to continue the next step under the 2G/3G network, or users to complain, perhaps your application will limbo. TV is always renewable, so the application does not need to consider the problem of insufficient power, and mobile phones to consider, so many applications will show the battery power. Mobile phone between the horizontal screen and vertical screen can be free to switch, and TV is not possible to do this, so TV applications are always in the horizontal screen state.

For historical reasons, TV producers must reserve blank edges on the outside of normal screen sizes, which are scanned. The application cannot be displayed in the scan area, so it is recommended that the app provide 10% blank edges. And the phone does not exist this problem.

Because the TV screen is large, plus the remote control operation, so an application can start another application via the key of the remote control, so application developers need to be aware. For example, after the app launches, you can change the system language by pressing the remote Settings button, and the developer needs to think about how the app will automatically follow the system changes.

Also because of the large size of the TV screen, operators and product personnel want to provide high-fidelity images, increase the product's beauty and selling point, but to the developer is a challenge, a 1920x1080 24-bit image rendering needs to consume 8M of system memory. If there are a large number of pictures, then the application can have a serious impact. In this case, the product and performance balance can not affect the user experience of the application for other reasons. Performance is also a core factor for mobile applications to consider. Poor performance of the application, no user will buy the account.

The design goals of smart TV applications and mobile applications are consistent, providing users with a good product that is easy to use and has a good user experience.


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