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I have recently visited forums to learn about various languages and platforms.
I am writing a rough summary report here, hoping to give you a better understanding.
The software platform is a magic horse. I understand it as a programming language + Community + tool + product or service. These constitute a complete ecological chain. The language + Community + tool attracts developers to join. products or services help developers and software vendors supporting these platforms make money.

I have little knowledge about the platform and can only provide the background of the following software platforms:
Websphere: Java EE-based enterprise applications supported by IBM. websphere, a commercial server, has open-source servers and ides. The language programming language is mainly java and the tool is eclipse, the commercial edition tool is an eclipse-based commercial edition IDE. Provides commercial databases for IBM DB2 and UNIX systems.

Oracle is an enterprise application based on Java EE. It is supported by Oracle and has a commercial server Weblogic. It owns open-source projects such as GlassFish. The language programming language is mainly java, tools are eclipse and Netbeans, while commercial tools are eclipse-based commercial IDE. Oracle and Linux databases for commercial use are provided.

Redhat, an enterprise application based on Java EE, has a well-known open-source Java EE server JBoss. The development language is Java and the tool is eclipse. It also has a commercial version of JavaEE server and a Linux system.

The first three are based on java, because I am engaged in java, So I know more about it, so I wrote it in front of it, in fact, the ranking is not sequential.

Zend, a commercial support company behind the scenes of PHP, mainly provides the PHP framework and IDE. Many open-source PHP communities are supported. The database depends on open-source MySQL.

Microsoft is mainly engaged in the. net platform in the enterprise development field. The main language is C #. Provides commercial IDE and server, SQL Server database, and commercial Windows server. In terms of open source, there are open source C # platforms and communities dominated by novel.

There are other more abstract platforms, such as spring, which support Java,. net, and android.

The above are several common enterprise development platforms. In addition, the recent mobile development platform is also very popular. I only know that IOS and Android are currently leading the market, and WP has just been listed. I am not involved, so I don't know much about it.

In the enterprise application field, the differences between platforms are constantly narrowing down. For example, the five companies I mentioned use java as the main development language and are developed based on eclipse, the other two are moving closer to a unified standard. Java EE specifications are mainly used in the java field. To attract java developers, Microsoft also draws C # closer to Java. These companies also have frameworks such as MVC and Entity Framework. Therefore, for developers, the difference is narrowing down. These platforms are good or bad for individuals, and I have no final conclusion. For individuals, the time is limited. If you select a platform, you have to learn the specifications. For example, if you are engaged in IBM, you have to learn java, and you have to use eclipse. If you learn linux and DB2 again, the knowledge will be improved. However, this will take a lot of time, and there will be a lot of experience, these are not easy to learn. If any platform goes down, you have to consider which direction to move. Fortunately, from the current situation, these platforms have been well developed and can be selected based on your preferences.

I chose the JavaEE platform myself. As for the significance of these platforms for my personal development, I don't think it makes much sense, just for mixed meals.

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