Compile the PHP source code into the JVM bytecode compiler: JPHP

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Compile the PHP source code into the JVM bytecode compiler: JPHP

JPHP is a javac-like compiler that can compile PHP source code into JVM bytecode. Then, the PHP program is run on the Java VM. It supports many PHP5.3 + features. JPHP is similar to JRuby and Jython.

Supported: JDK 1.6 + (OpenJDK, Oracle ).


JPHP is not a replacement of the Zend PHP engine or Facebook HHVM. It does not want to implement the zend runtime library (such as Curl and PRCE ). This item aims:

  1. Use Java objects in PHP
  2. Improve performance through JIT and JVM
  3. Use a better runtime library to replace the ugly runtime library of Zend PHP
  4. PHP is not only used to develop Web applications
  5. Also: unicode for strings and threads
  • JIT (2x-10x faster PHP 5.4)
  • Optimizer (constant expressions, inline functions, etc .)
  • Using java libraries and classes in PHP code.
  • Unicode for strings (UTF-16, like in Java)
  • Threading, Sockets
  • Environment architecture (like sandbox objects in runkit zend extension ).
  • GUI (based on Swing, improved-more flexible layouts)
  • Embedded cache system for classes and functions
  • Optional Hot Reloading for classes and functions
Features supported by languages

(Without zend runtime libraries)

  • PHP 5.2 + fully support (with OOP)
  • Closures (PHP 5.3), auto-binding$thisIn closures (PHP 5.4)
  • Namespaces fully support (PHP 5.3)
  • Spl autoloading for classes (PHP 5.3)
  • Iterators, ArrayAccess, Serializable
  • Type hinting for classes, arrays, callable (PHP 5.4)
  • Array short syntax (PHP 5.4)
  • Ternary short cut "? : ", NOWDOC,__callStatic,__invoke(PHP 5.3)
  • Late static binding (PHP 5.3)
  • GC for cyclic references (PHP 5.3)
  • Class::{expr}(),(new Foo)->bar()(PHP 5.4)
  • Try finally (PHP 5.5)
  • Array and string literal dereferencing (PHP 5.5)
  • __debugInfoFor var_dump (PHP 5.6)
  • Function array dereferencing has been added,[0](PHP 5.4)
  • Constants can be declared outside a class using the const keyword. (PHP 5.3)
  • Dynamic access to static methods (PHP 5.3)
  • Exceptions can be nested (PHP 5.3)
  • ::classSystem constant (php 5.5)

What is not supported yet?

  • Traits (php 5.4)
  • Generators (php 5.5)
  • Goto (php 5.3)
  • List () in foreach (php 5.5)
  • Binary number format, e.g. 0b001001101 (php 5.4)

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