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1, USB typc-c in the end is what?

USB type-c (USB-C), which has a new interface size and a slightly cool name, makes it very easy for the first time to hear this term as a small partner to think that this is a new USB standard, but in fact not. Type-c is only part of the USB 3.1 standard, not a new standard.

The birth of Type-c is not long, at the end of 2013 TYPE-C Connector rendering map out, the 2014 USB 3.1 standard has been done. It is a new type of USB cable and connector specification, is a complete set of new USB physical specifications.

It and the iphone lightning interface as thin and compact, can be expanded into a power/USB transmission/VGA or HDMI three interface, through the adapter, but also compatible with USB3.0, USB2.0 and other previous generation interface.

It should be explained that, similar to the common USB 2.0, the USB 3.1 standard still has type-a (common in computer host) and Type-b (common Yuan Cho Mobile) interface, so type-c is only a USB 3.1 high-speed data transmission, not the only one.

2, USB3.1 interface and TYPE-C

USB interface is very confusing, Big said there are 2.0, 3.0, there are now USB3.1, Small said more branches. In the industry, the USB2.0 interface is black and the USB3.0 interface is made blue.

As for the color of the USB3.1, there is no consensus yet, but Asus has launched a motherboard with a type-a USB3.1 interface that is blue-green. Although the USB association does not stipulate the color of the USB3.1, it will be inevitable to distinguish it by color.

So what does USB3.1 have to do with the Type-c interface? The TYPE-C specification is made according to the USB3.1 standard, so USB3.1 can be made into type-c, type-a and other types, but type-c is not equal to USB3.1.

For example, the Nokia N1 tablet uses the Type-c interface of the USB2.0 specification, and Asus z97-k/usb3.1 uses the Type-a interface of the standard USB3.1.

3, we commonly used 3 kinds of USB interface

(1) TYPE-A: Standard Version USB interface

Type-a is our most common type of USB interface, commonly used on computers. But it has some notable problems: there are directional requirements. The connector (the public port) must be inserted into the interface (the parent) from a specific direction, but the insertion process often goes awry because the two sides of the USB port are very close.

(2) Micro-b: USB Standard for mobile devices

Currently, most Android phones use the Micro USB interface (ie USB micro-b), which is still widely used on various mobile portable devices.

(3) USB type-c: Or will become mainstream

Although Type-c appears soon, but can anticipate, along with the USB type-c technology mature, the future various notebooks, the tablet computer even is the smartphone will begin to popularize the USB type-c interface.

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