Concise Python Tutorial--book a book--recommend to novice python

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Original title: A Byte of Python
Author: Swaroop, C. H.
Translator: Shen Jieyuan
Publisher: Unknown

1. The explanation is very detailed, very basic, is suitable for the introduction, has also made the simple introduction to the compiler
2. The explanation of the __name__ attribute is more detailed, while the other books do not talk about this piece of knowledge
3. There is the knowledge of class, inheritance, for me without Java Foundation, the explanation is very popular, but this book is only dragonfly water to mention some knowledge, if you want to learn more, but also to read more books
4. Briefly introduce the common modules such as Sys,os.

1. Python version used is too old, the book is used in the ' Python 2.4 version ', and as of November 2014, the latest version of Python is version 2.7. Version 2.4 of
Enter an integer formula or int (raw_input (' Enter an integer: ')) and version 2.7 with input () can replace the 2.4 version of INT (raw_input ())

1. For people with 0 Foundation or less foundation, really is a very good book, highly recommended.
2. About classes, inheritance, and try: Exception still do not understand, code run error, also can't find out the reason, later in review.

Concise Python Tutorial--book a book--recommend to novice python

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