Configure SQL Server to allow remote connections

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Need someone to remote your database, the first need is in a LAN, or connected to the same router, followed by the specific steps:

(i) The first step is to check whether remote links are allowed in the SQL Server database servers. The specific actions are:

(1) Open the database, log in with a local account, right-click the first option and select Properties:

(2) In the Properties window that opens, click "Connect" on its right and then "Allow remote connection to this server" on the left side:

(ii) Configure the appropriate protocol for Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQLServer).

(1) Select: Start-〉 All Programs-〉microsoft SQL Server 2008-〉 Configuration tool-〉sql Server Configuration Manager, as shown in:

(2) After opening SQL Server Configuration Manager, select MSSQLSERVER under SQL Server network configuration and see if TCP/IP is "enabled" on the right, as shown in:

(iii) Check SQL Server firewall settings (Quick steps-Direct firewall off (unsafe))

(1) After the last two steps, the user needs to do is to reconfigure the SQL Server firewall. When you do this, first locate the port on the SQL Server that supports the TCP/IP protocol. Users can right-click the TCP/IP protocol to select Properties when the SQL Server firewall is already running:

As we can see, the TCP/IP protocol supported on this SQL Server is port 1433. The next step is to allow 1433 ports to support the TCP/IP protocol in the configuration of the firewall. If the server is running a Windows 7 operating system, its configuration steps are (similar to other Microsoft operating systems), open Control Panel, select the Windows Firewall option, and then click Advanced Options, as shown in:

(2) After selecting "Advanced Settings", in the right menu bar, find "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security options" and open it. When you open it, you will find the "inbound rules" option in the left menu bar. Inboud Open the option and select the new Rule option in the right-hand menu bar:

(3) After opening the new Rule option, configure the internal binding protocol for the 1433 port with the new built-in binding Rule Wizard to apply to the TCP/IP protocol. (provided that you need to complete all the steps previously described in this step), the 1433 port configuration for port 1433 is available according to the following diagram:

Finally click "Finish". Test method: Find a computer in the LAN, open SQL Server database, and then enter your IP and password, if you can connect, it is configured, as shown in:

Configure SQL Server to allow remote connections

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