Configure the SourceForgeSMTP server

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Configure the SourceForgeSMTP server. this is SOURCEFORGE. the sample code provided by. NET. inc (see the attachment for its content) finds the function connected to it and makes necessary modifications. then, you can send an email on the prwebmail server that uses SF on your project web site, for example, the activation letter of the newly registered user. It is used to replace the default SMTP settings of php. ini. you must know that the VM user has no permission to edit php. ini.

Include ('mail. php ');

$ Recipients = array ('Someone @ '); # Can be one or more emails

$ Headers = array (
'From' => 'Someone @ ',
'To' => join (',', $ recipients ),
'Subobject' => 'testing email from project web ',

$ Body = "This was sent via php from project web! \ N ";

$ Mail_object = & Mail: factory ('smtp ',
Array (
'Host' => 'prwebmail ',
'Auth' => true,
'Username' => 'Your _ PROJECT_NAME ',
'Password' => 'password', # As set on your project's config page
# 'Debug' => true, # uncomment to enable debugging

$ Mail_object-> send ($ recipients, $ headers, $ body );

The content of the schemdes/mail. inc file is as follows:
Please download Drupal7.12 and read the related des/mail. inc.


Reply to discussion (solution)

The built-in mail does not work. try a third-party phpmailer.

I forgot to tell you, phpmailer couldn't work on this project web.

If it is a wordpress program, you can integrate wordpress smtp to get... In addition, discuz can be set in the background, and sourceforge's mailbox can be used
Host: prwebmail

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