Configuring IPMI using the command line under Linux

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What is Ipmitool:

Baidu Encyclopedia to explain already enough, simply said is "IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) that Intelligent Platform Management interface is to make hardware management with" intelligent "new generation of common interface standards. IPMI monitors the physical characteristics of the server, such as temperature, voltage, fan operating status, power supply, and chassis intrusion.

IPMI configuration Management IP methods are:

1.BIOS configuration, this simple, directly boot into the BIOS, in the advanced options to configure IPMI IP, mask, gateway.

2. During the boot process, follow the prompts, press CTRL + E to enter the IPMI configuration interface, no photos, no pictures. Those options, you can see the understanding.

3. Under Linux configuration,

3.1 Turn on IPMI services, service IPMI start

3.2 Configuring IP Access IP Mask Gateway

Ipmitool LAN Set 1 ipsrc static | Dhcp

Ipmitool LAN set 1 ipaddr

Ipmitool LAN set 1 netmask

Ipmitool LAN set 1 DEFGW

3.3 Viewing the IPMI configuration

ipmitool LAN Print 1 (1 can be added by default, the configuration of Channel 1 is displayed)

When you open enable IPMI on LAN, you can query the information by Remote command:

# ipmitool-h lanplus-u root-p password power status


# ipmitool-h lanplus-u root power status (enter password manually)


Configuring IPMI using the command line under Linux

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