Connect Python mysqldb to the database

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After installing the installation file, run import mysqldb. the following error occurs:
File "C: \ python26 \ Lib \ Site-packages \ mysqldb \__ init _. py", line 19, in <module>
Importerror: DLL load failed: the specified module cannot be found.
After countless searches, I found that the official statement is not very correct. The official solution is to load the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH, which cannot solve the problem, more methods refer to processing in Linux,
Win has no above, and found countless materials, found that the lack of two DLL files are libguide40.dll, libmmd. DLL search, download a lot of places, and then copy to windows \ system32 now run again
The error message is:
SYS: 1: deprecationwarning: The sets module is deprecated
I have read a lot of materials and found that the 2.6 version does not recommend using the sets module, however, this module is still loaded for compatibility, but a warning is prompted. I thought a lot about it.
Multiple methods to prevent warning information from being exposed or capturing exceptions, and so on. In the worst way, modify the original file and go to the python installation directory to find the following file: python26 \ Lib \ sets. comment out lines 83-85 in Py.
# Import warnings
# Warnings. Warn ("The sets module is deprecated", deprecationwarning, stacklevel = 2)
I can merge them into two rows.
By now, mysqldb has been installed, and no error output has been provided. I also understand why mysqldb of version 2.6 has not been officially released.
The current version of python3k should have supported the sets module. Therefore, the official version has not been released since the launch. That is to say, currently, python3k cannot connect to MySQL using the space of mysqldb. And many workers
It seems that there is still a lot of way to achieve the popularization of the 3 K. At this stage, people who want to learn python will have to constantly choose and torture.

It took one day before my gui started.

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