Constructing the backstage management system of mvc4+ef5+easyui+unity2.x injection (1) preface

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Once I wanted to write a series of articles, but because the work is very busy, there is no time to update the blog. Blog Park age has been 1 years, but has always been empty, online backstage management system, the rights management system, such as monkey hair, each prawn has its own ideas and ways. Of course I haven't been a prawn,


There is always a preface before doing one thing, first of all, the prototype of this project is a manufacturing ERP system that I developed in a company before, it has been on-line and started to run, so this is a set of qualified system plan according to the reason. Before the prototype was mvc3.0+ef4.1+unity2.x+easyui+jqgrid prototype effect diagram, because the company project can not be brought out, this upgrade, I also write from scratch, a line of code typed out.

Based on interface programming. After refactoring I upgraded him to mvc4.0 and EF5.0 to replace Jqgrid with Easyui DataGrid because it was early development, Easyui framework of the DataGrid did not jqgrid mature, although now there is no jqgrid mature. Easyui 1.3.2 of the DataGrid Basic to meet the day-to-day needs of the heavy JS class library (Jqgrid). Only so the upgrade is due to keep up with the development of the Times, EF5 performance improved, MVC4 more useful. We anticipate that the system and the effect diagram may have great difference, but the performance, the code excellent degree will be better than the original system.

You must have a preliminary understanding of the following techniques before reading this series of articles.

1. MVC Foundation

Why MVC, if you are a dream person, then you should also like the acme of things, and desperate to pay

Performance layer can be optimized to the extreme

Forced learning of front-end language HTML and CSS, JavaScript

Separation of concern points

Original ecological URL routing, easy to URL rewrite conducive to SEO optimization

Control is completely separated from view to facilitate skin change and no loss of performance

2. The principle of the EF ORM Framework

EF5.0 compared to his performance improvement, business is important, you can focus on EF6 because he's open source.

3. Dependency Injection (IOC control reversal) principle

Better separation of concerns, faster code style, quicker unit testing

4. Powerdesign Database Modeling Tool

Better understanding of the model

See more highlights of this column: http://www.bianceng.cn

5. The Simple Js,jquery,css+html Foundation

The Ultimate interface

Of course, I can not take out an ERP system, it is not possible to show the very fine things to everyone, only on their own hands to expand

In this series we can get about the following content, and finally get a good code.

1. Easyui Building System Front-End Framework

2. The EF database frist to build databases

3. unity2.x injection, AOP aspect-oriented programming skills

4. A sample program, he realized the use of the Easyui DataGrid list display, with jquery Ajax to add a deletion.

5. Data validation Annotation

6. Rights management System, he will be accurate to no button, we will judge the permissions in the filter, your code is very concise, only need a data annotation to complete the verification

7. T4 template, with the T4 template, mother no longer have to be careful I write code to stay up late

8. MVC4 use Microsoft's own report to produce reports in the Razor view Show and export

9. Expand ....

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