Construction of CentOS Security Monitoring System

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Construction of a Data Integrity Monitoring System (Tripwire)

Establish a Data Integrity Monitoring System with Tripwire. It can monitor whether or not files have been modified and which files have been modified, so as to plan a solution after being attacked.

The principle of Tripwire is that after Tripwire is installed and configured, the current system data status is established into a database, and changes with the addition, deletion, and modification of files, compare the current status of system data with the constantly updated database to determine which files have been added, deleted, and modified. Because the initial database is created after the Tripwire ontology is installed and configured, we must make sure that before the server is opened, or after the operating system is installed, use Tripwire to build a data integrity monitoring system.

Construction of the intrusion Monitoring System (chkrootkit)

The so-called rootkit is a type of tool frequently used by intruders. These tools are usually very confidential and difficult to detect. Through these tools, intruders have established a way to intrude into the system frequently, or to control the system in real time. Therefore, we use the free software chkrootkit to establish an intrusion monitoring system to ensure that the system is installed with rootkit for monitoring.

In the process of monitoring whether the rootkit is installed, chkrootkit uses some operating system commands. However, it is not ruled out that the intruders have modified the system commands used by chkrootkit, making chkrootkit unable to monitor rootkit, in this way, even if chkrootkit is installed in the system, the existence of rootkit cannot be detected, and thus the system is still controlled to achieve intrusion. In that case, using chkrootkit to build an intrusion monitoring system will lose any meaning. In this regard, we asked chkrootkit to start working after the operating system was installed or before the server was opened. In addition, before the server is opened, back up the system commands used by chkrootkit and, when necessary, suspect that the system commands have been modified ), let chkrootkit use the initial backup system command for work.

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