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: This article describes how to continue rubbing on this smooth ground. if you are interested in the PHP Tutorial, please refer to it.

I was very upset before the start of Phase I project, and I was afraid that I could not do it well. so I learned it carefully the last few days before the project. when I started to talk about the project, I had no clue, the backend template has been selected for two days, so that it is always at the end of the large army. However, from the third day, all the ideas of fire are available, that is, I feel that there is not enough time to write a project, it doesn't matter if you do not know what you did before starting a project. you can learn it now when you use it, but the premise is that you must know how to quickly master the knowledge (in fact, you just need to check the manual and Baidu, forgive me for being so fresh and vulgar ~)

To be honest, there are indeed some bottlenecks in the project. what some teachers did not talk about is that it is best to do the same module in the basic module, at this time, your thoughts are linked together, and a little expansion will come out. the code won't be hard-pressed, but the teacher will give code with similar functions. However, you should be able to understand it at least, or copy and paste it will not work well, and you don't know where to change it, I don't know what the problem is, so it is important to learn the idea of the teacher at the beginning of the project. of course, during the project period, Hu Ge has been with us to solve our doubts and solve common problems. Hu Ge will also provide solutions in a timely manner, so you don't have to worry about problems that may occur in the project. the teacher also said that the same things are different as long as they are not written by one person, so it is best to solve problems during the project, because others do not know how many files are associated with your code, it is important to perform code and test in one step. in this way, if a problem occurs, start from the previous step. now we find that the project is not as difficult as we thought at the beginning. The idea is the focus. if you have a idea, you will try your best to implement the function, at that time, you will find that you actually learned quite well.

It is useless to fear the project before it is done, and you have to do it if you are afraid. we are doing this. who will do this? Only when you are fully engaged in doing this, you will find that, in fact, you can also, all possible problems, even if you encounter, will not hinder your progress, cool, boldly step out of your footsteps, friction and friction on the smooth platform of the brothers, like the devil's pace, one step, two steps, OH, YEAH! Come with me, friction and friction ......

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The above describes the smooth ground to continue friction, including the content, hope to be helpful to friends interested in PHP tutorials.

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