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Question 1: How to convert a list into a dictionary?

problem Description: For example, in Python I have a list of the following, where the odd position corresponds to the dictionary key , the even position of the correspondingvalue


1. Using the ZIP function to implement

2. Using loops to achieve

3. Using enumerate function generation index to achieve

Question 2 How do we convert two lists into a dictionary?

problem Description: Suppose you have twolist

Solution: still a common zip function

Here we see zip that the function does a good job on pairing, and if two lists are large, you need itertools.izip to introduce them to solve the problem.

or the following direct use dict function

So what if we had three lsit? For example, we sometimes encounter such problems such as in a latitude and longitude to record a certain data, this time how to implement it?

We can see at this time that the zip function can still help us to achieve the required function successfully, first of all the latitude and longitude one by one pairing together, then the Val together, and finally use dict the function together.


Through the above example, we know that the zip function can be used multiple times to consolidate the data, finally solve the problem, the above is the entire content of this article, I hope to learn Python can help you.

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