Convert php Data to html table or csv files,

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Convert php Data to html table or csv files,

Application Scenario: many services in the game have been migrated to redis, but data in redis is difficult to display at the O & M level. The set or hash in redis is converted to the array in php through php-redis, then map it to the table in html.

Main design points: the basic unit of the table is the cell row_field_node. Multiple row_field_nodes form row_data, tile + multiple row_data = table. Because each cell can have a corresponding hyperlink response,

Therefore, the row_field_node data structure is as follows:

Class row_field_node {public $ data; // The displayed data public $ action; // the corresponding hyperlink public $ param; // The public $ target parameter to be input for the hyperlink; // The public function _ construct ($ data, $ action, $ param, $ target) {$ this-> data = $ data; $ this-> action = $ action; $ this-> param = $ param; $ this-> target = $ target ;}}

Arrays and hash in array can be output as html tables or csv files. For details, see the code:

<?phpheader("Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8");$domain_name = "";class row_field_node{public $data;public $action;public $param;public $target;public function __construct($data, $action, $param, $target){$this->data = $data;                      $this->action = $action;                   $this->param = $param;     $this->target = $target;                      }}class xtable{private $title_list,$row_list,$fonts,$table_tag;public function __construct(){$this->title_list=array();                          // strings with titles for first row $this->row_list=array();                          // data to show on cells$this->fonts=array("#EEEEEE","#CCEEEE");      // background colors for odd and even rows$this->table_tag="";                            // extra html code for table tag}public function set_table_tag($table_tag)                       // add some html code for the tag table{$this->table_tag=$table_tag;}public function background($fonts) {if (is_array($fonts)) {$this->fonts=$fonts; }else{ $this->fonts=array($fonts,$fonts);}}public function addrow($row_data) {$this->row_list[]=$row_data;}public function hash_output($data){$this->title_list=array("field", "value");foreach($data as $key=> $value){$row_data = array();$field_data = new row_field_node($key, "", "", "");array_push($row_data, $field_data);$field_data = new row_field_node($value, "", "", "");array_push($row_data, $field_data);$this->addrow($row_data);}return $this->html();}public function set_output($title, $data, $desc = ''){$this->title_list = $title;$this->row_list = $data;echo "total:".count($data).' '.$desc . "<br>";return $this->html();}public function html(){$cfondos=$this->fonts;//output title$output_content="<tr>";$t_count=count($this->title_list);for($t_idx = 0; $t_idx < $t_count; $t_idx++){$output_content.=sprintf("<th>%s</th>",$this->title_list[$t_idx]);}$output_content.="</tr>";//start outputing data rows$table_row_content="";$row_count=count($this->row_list);for($row_idx = 0; $row_idx < $row_count; $row_idx++){$table_row_content .= sprintf("<tr style='background-color:%s'>", $this->fonts[$row_idx % 2]);$line_data_list = $this->row_list[$row_idx];$col_count = count($line_data_list);if($col_count != $t_count){echo "row field count not match title count|col:".$col_count."|title:".$t_count;exit;}for($col_idx = 0; $col_idx < $col_count; $col_idx++){Global $domain_name;if($line_data_list[$col_idx]->action != ""){//echo $line_data_list[$col_idx]->action."----".$line_data_list[$col_idx]->param."----".$line_data_list[$col_idx]->target."----".$line_data_list[$col_idx]->data."===============";$table_row_content.=sprintf("<td align=\"center\"><a href=\"http://$domain_name/%s?%s\" target='%s'>  %s  </a></td>",$line_data_list[$col_idx]->action, $line_data_list[$col_idx]->param, $line_data_list[$col_idx]->target,$line_data_list[$col_idx]->data);}else{$table_row_content.=sprintf("<td align=\"center\">   %s  </a>        </td>", $line_data_list[$col_idx]->data);}}$table_row_content.="</tr>";}return sprintf("<table cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0' border='1' %s>%s%s</table>",$this->table_tag,$output_content,$table_row_content);}public function csv_output($title, $data){$this->title_list = $title;$this->row_list = $data;echo "total:".count($data)."<br>";return $this->csv();}public function csv(){$file_name = time(0).".rar";$fp = fopen($file_name, 'w');$t_count=count($this->title_list);//start outputing data rows$row_count=count($this->row_list);$file_data = "";$csv_row_data = "";    for($t_idx = 0; $t_idx < $t_count; $t_idx++){  $csv_row_data = $csv_row_data." ".$this->title_list[$t_idx];}$file_data = $file_data.$csv_row_data."\n";for($row_idx = 0; $row_idx < $row_count; $row_idx++){$line_data_list = $this->row_list[$row_idx];$col_count = count($line_data_list);if($col_count != $t_count){echo "row field count not match title count|col:".$col_count."|title:".$t_count;exit;}$csv_row_data = "";for($col_idx = 0; $col_idx < $col_count; $col_idx++){Global $domain_name;$csv_row_data = $csv_row_data." ".$line_data_list[$col_idx]->data;}$file_data = $file_data.$csv_row_data."\n";}fwrite($fp, $file_data);Global $domain_name;echo "<br><a href='http://$domain_name/cupteam_info/$file_name' target='detail'>csvfile:$file_name</a>";}}?>


    $real_server_list = array();    foreach($server_list as $server_key)    {        $temp_array = explode(":", $server_key);        $filed_node = new row_field_node();        $filed_node->data = $temp_array[1];        $filed_node->action = "cupteam/get_guild_list_output.php";        $filed_node->param = "input_id=".$filed_node->data;        $filed_node->target = "detail";        $row_data = array($filed_node);        array_push($real_server_list, $row_data);    }    $t1=new xtable();    echo $t1->set_output(array("server_id"), $real_server_list);

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