Crazy Java Learning Notes (-----------) Programmer interview

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Big talk programmer interview
    • 10 I like to ask the programmer the interview question
    • Programmer Interview Not complete guide
    • 10 Classic C-language interviewing basic algorithms and code
    • 10 successful interview Skills for programmers
    • Programmers choose 8 criteria for a company
Programming Development
    • 8 Notable PHP security functions
    • A brief analysis of TCP's three-time handshake and four breakup
    • 10 minutes to master XML, JSON and its parsing
    • A summary of efficient jquery code writing techniques
    • compiler's working procedure and principle
    • What is "busy" when the CPU is idle
    • 5 powerful Java distributed cache framework recommendations
Architecture Design
    • Funny Comics: The Origins of cloud computing
    • Load Balancing scheduling algorithm Daquan
Program Life
    • Programmers are more than just writing code
    • 2014 salary and market requirements for various programming languages
    • 5 things for programmers to lose their passion for programming
    • Why do many people dislike being a programmer?
    • Why do some programmers not program?
Fun Humor
    • Programmers spend two years saving to buy 99 iphone 6 courtship
    • 9 Most interesting code comments
Android Development Topics
    • Android Gesture Password Implementation scheme
    • The Android emulator in Visual Studio uses a detailed
    • Memory management knowledge that every Android developer must know
    • Android SDK Brief tutorial: Project checklist
    • Android SDK Concise Tutorial: Application Data
    • Android SDK Brief Tutorial: application resources
    • Android SDK Concise Tutorial: User interaction
    • Android SDK Concise Tutorial: Application Architecture
iOS Development Topics
    • How to integrate the Touch ID feature in IOS 8
    • OBJECTIVE-C Dynamic Characteristics Application Guide
    • Pointers in Swift using C language

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Crazy Java Learning Notes (-----------) Programmer interview

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