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1. Install the driver: simply add the driver to the system settings and the available driver will be displayed;
2. Set the swap space. First, run the free command to view the Swap partition size in the system.
Open Terminal, enter free-m, and press enter,
Total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 3522 1266 2255 0 56 696
-/+ Buffers/cache: 513 3008
Swap: 0 0 0
Swap is 0, and now swap is increased to 2g,
Create a Swap file, run the cd command to enter the created swap folder, and run sudo dd if =/dev/zero of = swap bs = 1024 count = 2000000, count indicates the size of the swap file. Convert the generated file to the Swap file sudo mkswap-f swap, activate the Swap file, and view the free-m result again in sudo swapon swap.
2. Install Qt and open Terminal. Enter the following command:
Sudo apt-get install qtcreator qt-sdk
3. Install Code: Blocks. Click Install in the Ubuntu Software Center;
4. For java environment configuration, refer to my other article on installing JDK in Ubuntu 10.10 to configure Eclipse to configure j2_m2.
5. Use the built-in Thunderbird or wab for the mail client;
6. several useful shortcut keys can be used to increase work efficiency: win + s: display all desktop views, CTRL + ALT + direction key: Switch the work zone, ALT + PrintScreen: capture the current window, ctrl + alt + t: terminal.
That's all for the time being.

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