Create an ASP Common paging Class (ii) Code section

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' Xdownpage ASP version
' Version 1.00
' Code by zykj2000
' Bbs:
' This program can be free to use, modify, I hope my program can bring convenience to your work
' But please keep the above interest
' Program features
' This program is mainly to the data pagination part of the encapsulation, and the data display part completely by the user customization,
' Support URL multiple parameters
' Use instructions
' Program parameter description
' Papgesize defines the number of records per page of pagination
' Getrs Returns a paging recordset this property is read-only
' Getconn get a database connection
' GetSQL get the query statement
' Procedure Method description
' ShowPage display the pager bar, the only common method
' <!--#include file= ' conn.asp '-->
' <!--#include file= ' '--> ' contains files
' Set mypage=new xdownpage ' Create object
' Mypage.getconn=conn ' Get database connection
' mypage.getsql= ' select * from ProductInfo ORDER by ID ASC
' Mypage.pagesize=5 ' Sets the record bar data for each page to 5
' Set Rs=mypage.getrs () ' returns to the recordset
' Mypage.showpage () ' Displays paging information, which can be used after set Rs=mypage.getrs ()
' Call anywhere, you can call multiple times
' For I=1 to Mypage.pagesize ' The next action is the same as manipulating a normal Recordset object
' If not rs.eof then ' this tag is to prevent last page overflow
' Response.Write Rs (0) & "<br>" ' Here's how you can customize the display.
' Rs.movenext
' Else
' Exit for
' End If
' Next
Const btn_first= "<font face=webdings>9</font>" defines the first page button display style
Const btn_prev= "<font face=webdings>3</font>" defines the previous-page button display style
Const btn_next= "<font face=webdings>4</font>" defines the next-page button display style
Const btn_last= "<font face=webdings>:</font>" defines the last-page button display style
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