Creating a JSP environment on the WINDOWS/NT

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Js|window to build JSP environment on WINDOWS/NT

Windows98,windows NT 4.0,windows professional,windows server, etc.
Jdk1_2_2-001-win.exe (3.1)

First, software download

Second, the Software installation
(i) JDK
1, double-click the Jdk1_2_2-001-win.exe file for installation, install using the default configuration, the default installation directory for JDK is the C:JDK1.2.2,JRE default installation directory for C:Program FilesJavaSoftJRE1.2;
2, restart the computer;
3, update the following environment variables: the c:jdk1.2.2in directory appended to the path; C:jdk1.2.2lib Ools.jar; C:jdk1.2.2libdt.jar added to the classpath. Windwos modified in Autoexec.bat, NT Update method: Control Panel-> System-> Environment-> System variables;
(ii) Tomcat
1, with WinZip and other decompression software to extract the into a directory, I unzipped it to D:, it will automatically create Tomcat subdirectory, so in D disk more than a directory d:/tomcat, I use $tomcat logo;
3, Tomcat run the port number defaults to 8080, you can modify, note that Tomcat has a stand-alone HTTP server, it must use a not yet used port number, with $tomcat_port identity, modify the method as follows:
1) Open $tomcatconfserver.xml;
2) Modify ContextManager:
4, double-click the $tomcat directory of the Startup.bat to start Tomcat;
5, in the browser input http://localhost: $TOMCAT _port/, can see Tomcat Version 3.0 This page means Tomcat installation was successful;
6, click the servlet example into the servlet interface, should be able to execute the servlet.
7, click JSP Example into the JSP interface, should be able to execute JSP, if not, modify $tomcatconfstart.bat: Add set java_home=c:jdk1.2.2 can.

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