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Ie6/7 realize Display:inline-block

There are two ways, the first, to declare the element Display:inline-block, trigger its layout, and then declare it as Display:inline on the second style, such as:

The code is as follows:

. Test{display:inline-block/* Other styles ... * *

. Test{display:inline;}

The second method (recommended) uses the IE6/7 CSS proprietary prefix to trigger the layout (how it feels a bit like JS settimeout):

The code is as follows:

. test{display:inline-block; *zoom:1; *display:inline;}

IE6 Double floating Line spacing

Under IE6, when a div floats to the left in another div and has a margin-left style, then its left margin is the double of the style definition, and the same effect is the same if it floats to the right and margin-right. However, after the floating div's margin is not a problem, but the first one has this problem.

At this point, the solution is: simply add a _display:inline to the div;

Ie6-ie10 CSS Hack

The code is as follows:


Color:black; /*ie10*/

Color:orange; /*ie8,ie9*/

*color:blue; /*ie6,ie7*/

_color:red; /*ie6*/


: Root p{

Color:yellow; /*ie9*/


IE7/8 under PNG picture background there's something black

That's because you're using a filter effect, like Filter:alpha (opacity=100), and you can just take it off.

IE7/8 element disappears without reason, can't see, Can't click

In other browsers obviously there is something, but came to IE7/8 disappeared without reason. In this case, you try to add background:red to the element, or before you remove the text-indent:-9999em from the text; font-size:0, change to font-size:18px; text-indent:0, you will find that the vanishing element finally appears again. For this method, the workaround is to add a background color to the element under IE7/8. But at the same time you do not want the element to be visible, then add opacity:0; Filter:alpha (opacity=0);

IE7/8 under style loading incomplete

That should be the CSS file CharSet declaration and the file itself coding inconsistency problem, this can be corrected.

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