CSS custom radio style and JS get Radio Value Method summary

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In our daily work, we have to contact the form in HTML, <input type= "Radio" in HTML form > Each time, a radio object will be created. A radio button is one of a set of mutually exclusive option buttons. When a button is selected, the previously selected button becomes unchecked, so how to make radio style more beautiful and get radio value, today we will do a detailed summary.

CSS defines the radio style:

1. Custom checkbox and Radio style sample code with pure CSS

You should all know that the checkboxes and radio controls are special because they have different impressions on different platforms. So this article will show you how to use some of the properties of CSS3 to implement a custom checkbox and radio style, the need for friends can refer to the reference, let's take a look at it.

2. Use CSS to customize radio, checkbox style examples

Used to do custom style radio, checkbox, has been very monotonous to define, and then define Diyradio style as a new radio, and then use JS to do the correlation. I know today. can use <label></label> tags for properties +: checked, pure CSS

Radio in HTML to beautify and get assigned values:

A simple example of a 1.HTML checkbox and radio-style landscaping

This article describes the HTML checkbox and a simple example of radio style beautification, the use of sample code in the article, as well as the description of the map, is a very good article, when you read it to understand!

2. Detailed examples of obtaining, assigning, registering events for radio values in HTML

This article mainly introduces the radio value of HTML, assignment and registration events, very suitable for novice friends, like HTML friends do not miss the HA,

JS gets/traverses the value of the radio:

1.js methods for obtaining radio and select Properties

The first is to get click Radio Event, with the jquery library, get the event after the judgment is that radio, by judging is that radio was checked and then the linkage transformation. Among the problems that are encountered, are compatibility with IE and Firefox events, and then set the selected property of the options in select.

2.js How to traverse Radio radio buttons

This article uses a simple JS small example to introduce how to radio the value of radio button, although the code is simple and clear, but when you read it, you can extrapolate!

Radio related questions and answers:

1.javascript-How to get radio selected value in a applet

2.html-How do I change the radio style through CSS?

3.HTML5-How do I get the value of radio?

"Radio related articles recommended":

1.CSS Image Center: CSS image centered around the top (horizontal and vertical center)

2.P Center: Summary of the most complete P-centering method

3.CSS Center: The most comprehensive CSS centering method Daquan

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