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This article specially for you to find a CSS editing tool--topstyle, use it you can easily make more style of the page!

Wonderful, beautiful is the tireless pursuit of every designer in the production of web pages, and the wonderful web pages are almost inseparable from the strong "support" CSS; CSS is a technology that provides enhanced supplemental services for Hypertext label languages, and can be beautifully decorated for each HTML tag. Use CSS, will make the Web page more lively. However, the ordinary Web editing tools in the CSS, performance difficult to be satisfied with, in order to fully develop the potential of CSS, design a more beautiful web page.

Latest Version: 3.11
File Size: 3836KB
Software Nature: Sharing
Use platform: win9x/me/nt/2000/xp

  Software features

The program is a powerful CSS editing design tools, features quite a lot, not only you can easily create a variety of styles of files, but also easy to edit the existing style, its built-in CSS code check function, you can reduce the chance to write wrong. In particular, it's help file in a detailed description of various CSS instructions, very suitable for reference files and first contact with CSS users learn to use.

  Download installation

TopStyle is a tool designed to make the design and editing style, its size has reached about 4M, it can be said that the software is the kind of "strong fierce" type, but the size also means that the software implementation of the function is relatively new, practical and powerful. With this software, we can create all kinds of style sheet files at will, and can easily design a variety of visual effects that make you feel very satisfied. Downloaded from the Internet TopStyle is an executable file with an exe extension, you can double-click it directly with the mouse before you install it, so that the system can automatically open a standard Windows Program installation interface, we just follow the interface prompts, Click the Next button to complete the installation successfully. The program can be used on the same computer 20 times without registering, and a program called TopStyle Lite, installed with TopStyle, has no restrictions on the number of times it is used, but there are certain limitations in terms of functionality, But for ordinary individual users, it provides a function is enough!

Figure 1

When the installation is complete, the program automatically adds a TopStyle program run menu item to the system's Start menu in the default state. At this point, if we want to run the TopStyle program, you can click "Start"/"program"/"TopStyle 3", the screen will first appear a Style Definition wizard window, the first time you use the program, you can first click the "Next" button, This allows you to open a program master interface as shown in Figure 1. To prevent future users from needing the software for the time being, this program will occupy more system resources, we can in the Control Panel window, using the addition of the removal program to remove all components of the TopStyle program completely from the system, so in this sense, the software can also be called a green software. Once running the program, the interface is a complete XP style, people feel warm and soft!

  Create a new style

The TopStyle program gives us several ways to create new style files, one of the simpler is to use the wizard function to create a style file; When you use this method, you can click the "File" menu item in the main interface with your mouse and execute the new style from the Open drop-down menu. Sheet Wizard "command, this allows you to open a wizard Setup interface, as shown in Figure 2, with the mouse clicking the" Next "button, where you can set the appropriate settings for the text color and background color in the page, and then continue clicking next when the settings are complete. Then select a suitable font for the text in the page, when you need a font, you can tick the box in front of the corresponding font; After you have completed this setting, you can also set the size of the text in the page, the bold attributes of the text, the normal display color of the hyperlinks in the page, and the color changes after the click, After you have set up all of the relevant parameters, the wizard Setup box also opens a preview interface as shown in Figure 3, and if you are satisfied with the settings, you can continue with the mouse click "Next" to complete the final style creation task. If you are not satisfied with the settings, you can also click the "Previous" button here to return to the previous Settings page, adjust the page style properties until you are satisfied. Finally, we can name the style file we created above, select the location where the file is saved, and click the Finish button in the wizard interface to end the creation of the style file.

Figure 2

Figure 3

   Edit an existing style

In addition to creating new styles, we can edit and adjust the existing style files. When editing an adjustment, you can turn on the "file"/"open" command in the main interface to open the existing style file, any changes to the style file in the TopStyle program interface, using the various tool buttons in the toolbar, if you are familiar with the source code of the Web page, you can choose In the Source code window to make the changes (as shown in Figure 4), if the source code is more "cold", we can also in the upper right corner of the TopStyle program interface in the "Style Inspector" child window to modify, this can be more direct, And here we can almost modify any of the parameters in the style, such as the size of the page text, font, color, the background color of the Web page, hyperlink color, and so on. In addition, by executing the "file"/"Open from Web" command in the menu bar, entering a Web site's URL directly in a subsequent open window, we can modify and edit the style of the page on the specified site.

Figure 4

  Check for style errors

In the process of editing a modified style, you may be careless, such as a mistake, you can not worry, because the TopStyle program provides us with CSS code error checking function, so that we modify the process, the resulting error TopStyle program will not be ignored. We modify and create work on any step of the style, under the TopStyle program's "Monitoring", once the modification error, the program will immediately pop up a dialog box, as shown in Figure 5, to remind us that the current style of errors, and in the main interface source Code editing child window, we will find that the program in the The wrong place is highlighted in red color, and in the Style Inspector child window, the program highlights the error in a blue color, and once we adjust the error, the highlight color at the corresponding position disappears automatically.

Figure 5

  Preview style Effects

The TopStyle program also provides us with an instant preview feature that allows us to instantly display the changes we make to each step of the style parameter. The "Output" child window in the main interface is used to instantly preview the style effect, in this child window, we found that it contains five tabs, with the mouse click the "Preview" tab, you will see the specific style preview effect, because the TopStyle program supports each version of IE browser, Netscape browser and Opera browser, so we can make a preview of the various styles, thus ensuring the efficiency of style editing. In addition, in the "Style Checker" tab page, we can see very clearly in the current style file, what are the grammatical errors, with the mouse click on one of the error content, the TopStyle program can also pop up a message, to know how we correct grammar errors. In other tab pages, we can also learn some comments and statistics about the current stylesheet, such as how many rows are included in the style file.

  Assisted learning function

The TopStyle program specifically provides detailed help for novice users who have just touched on CSS. With this function, the user can from the program built in the Help file, query the CSS related to the various instructions of the detailed usage, as well as the preparation of the original CSS code some tips, rookie can be it as a good CSS material to learn to use.

In addition, the TopStyle Lite version installed with the TopStyle program is relatively straightforward, and we can run this lite program in the installation directory of the TopStyle program, which only provides us with the ability to edit, create, and preview a simple style file. Without the wizard creation function, CSS code check error features, but these features for novice users, is more than sufficient!

In short, the overall performance of the TopStyle program is very good, is a rare, must not use the style sheet editing tool. With the help of the TopStyle program, I am sure you will become an excellent CSS editor and design expert.

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