CSS English line-wrapping css (word-wrap/break) to make plain English digits wrap

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When a block element that defines the width is filled with all plain English or pure numbers, it will hold large containers in IE and FF, do not wrap automatically, and when numbers or English characters are in Chinese, they will be wrapped in Chinese characters, while pure Chinese characters can be automatically wrapped. How to solve this problem? Let's meet two characters Word-wrap and Word-break.


can be added in CSS

Word-wrap to control line breaks
Two types of values:
(1) Normal
(2) Break-word (this value is used to force line wrapping, the content will be wrapped within the boundary, there is no problem in Chinese, the English sentence is OK.) But for long strings of English, it doesn't work. )

Word-break used to control word breaks .
Three kinds of values:
(1) Normal
(2) Break-all (the word is broken.) The next letter is automatically to the next line when the word is to the border. It mainly solves the problem of long strings of English. )
(3) Keep-all (refers to Chinese, Japanese, and Korean constant words, a line of words, can be used to arrange ancient poetry yo ~)

CSS English line-wrapping css (word-wrap/break) to make plain English digits wrap

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