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Floating is often used to promote one image side or the other side, while there is a text summary section around. This type of application is often called text wrap and similar to the various image shapes and sizes you will see in many magazines that have articles summarizing various places.

Float image
CSS float attributes that are easy to use when packaging text images. You have a choice, either on the left or right of the floating image, and the rest is done for you. The following is an example. An image is the most commonly used section in different aspects.

Img. floatLeft {
Float: left;
Margin: 4px;
Img. floatRight {
Float: right;
Margin: 4px;

Html instance code.


<P> The images are contained with... </p>

<P> This second paragraph has an... </p>

Float multiple images
If you only have three images floating right, they will appear in each other. If you want the image to start earlier than the end of the year in the future, then use CSS to clear the attributes.

Img. floatRightClear {
Float: right;
Clear: right;
Margin: 4px;


<P> The images are appearing... </p>
<P> If we had specified... </p>
<P> The number of paragraphs... </p>


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