CSS implementation to div4 corner plus fillet picture

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First look at the CSS style:

. border{background: #ffecf9; border:1px solid #ffd3ec; width:500px; position:relative;}

. lt{Background:url (... /images/border_lt.gif) No-repeat; left:0; top:0; Position:absolute; width:7px; HEIGHT:7PX;}
. rt{Background:url (... /images/border_rt.gif) No-repeat;  right:0; top:0; Position:absolute; width:7px; HEIGHT:7PX;}
. lb{Background:url (... /images/border_lb.gif) No-repeat; left:0; bottom:0; Position:absolute; width:7px; HEIGHT:7PX;}
. rb{Background:url (... /images/border_rb.gif) No-repeat; right:0; bottom:0; Position:absolute; width:7px; HEIGHT:7PX;}

. content{}


this is content.

The style of the Border_lt.gif 4 pictures is a div 4 fillet picture, need to cut out their own complete, size, depending on the situation
The position is absolutely controlled by left, top, right, and bottom.


1, relative positioning of the border layer, width and height to define at least one, if not defined, Firefox can be normal display, but IE will have a lot of problems

2. lb{Background:url (... /images/border_lb.gif) No-repeat; left:0; bottom:0; Position:absolute; width:7px; HEIGHT:7PX;}
Here, the definition of location, ie may be a little bit different, for IE special settings, examples are as follows:

. lb{Background:url (... /images/border_lb.gif) No-repeat; Left:-1px!important; left:-5px; Bottom:-1px!important; bottom:-5px; }

Depending on the circumstances

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