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Article Introduction: CSS page layout should avoid abusing DIV elements that have been advocated by us, with the appropriate HTML tags organization document is the base of CSS page layout?? /FONT>

CSS page layout should avoid abusing DIV element has been advocated by us, and organizing documents with appropriate HTML tags is the basis of CSS page layout.

The use of DIV and span elements in a page is a new problem and we can easily use them too much. The necessary and reasonable use of Div can significantly enhance the structure of the document. This is what webjx.com has been advocating.

If you look at your HTML documents and find a lot of div and span, you have to look at the problem in a different light, is there an abuse situation?

Are there better markers to replace them? If H1 can better represent the tagged content, then you have to give up p or span to define it.

Perhaps this is a contradiction, we are also more difficult to grasp how to use them correctly, or perhaps we simply do not have a clear answer.

But there's a point to be made that we should make the document logically clear and easier to apply styles.

We can just look at the div as a container, or as part of the document's composition.

We use too many containers, which is not a sensible model.

A properly positioned container can make the entire document very organized.

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