Data structure Review--java realization of single-linked list basic operation

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The basic operations of a single-linked list include the creation of single-linked lists, lookup operations (search by order and lookup by value), insert operations (pre-and post-interpolation), and delete operations. The following is a specific Java implementation program:

Package com.zpp.test;//first creates a node class public class Node {private node Next;//pointer field private int data;//data field Publi     c Node (int data) {this. data = data;     }}package Com.zpp.test;public class Linklist {public node first;//define a head node private int pos = 0;//node Location     Public linklist () {this. first = null;          }//Insert a head node public void Addfirstnode (int data) {node node = new node (data); Node.           Next = first;     First = node;           }//delete the head node and return the head node to public node Deletefirstnode () {node Tempnode = first; First = Tempnode.           Next     return tempnode;          }//Insert node after index at specified position public void InsertAfter (int index, int data) {node node = new node (data);           Node current = first;               while (pos! = index) {current = current. Next;          pos++; } node.          Next =; Current.           Next = node;  pos = 0;   }//Insert node in front of the specified position index public void insertbefore (int index, int data) {node node = new node (data);          Node current = first;           Node previous = first;              while (pos! = index) {previous = current; Current = current.               Next          pos++; } node.          Next = current; Previous.           Next = node;     pos = 0;          }//Delete node at the specified location public void deletebypos (int index) {node current = first;           Node previous = first;              while (pos! = index) {pos++;              previous = current; Current = current.          Next          } if (current = = first) {first = first. Next;              } else {pos = 0; Previous. Next = current.          Next          }}//delete the node based on the data of the node (delete only the first) public void deletebydata (int data) {node-current = primary; Node previous = first;           Remember the previous nodewhile (current data! = data) {if (current. Next = null) {System.out.println ("No corresponding node found, cannot be deleted In addition to Operation!              ");              } previous = current; Current = current.          Next          } if (current = = first) {first = first. Next;          } else {Previous. Next = current. Next;           }}//Based on location find node information public node Findbypos (int index) {node current = first;               if (pos! = index) {current = current. Next;          pos++;     } return current;           }//Find node information based on data public nodes findbydata (int data) {node current = first;              while (current data! = data) {if (current. Next = null) return null; Current = current.          Next     } return current;           }//Displays all node information public void Displayallnodes () {node current = first; while (current! = nulL) {System.out.print ( ""); Current = current.          Next     } System.out.println (); }}package com.zpp.test;//test class public class Testlinklist {public static void main (string[] args) {linklist lin          Klist = new linklist ();          Linklist.addfirstnode (20);          Linklist.addfirstnode (21);           Linklist.addfirstnode (19); 19,21,20 Linklist.insertbefore (1, 22); 19,22,21,20 Linklist.insertbefore (2, 23); 19,22,23,21,20 Linklist.insertafter (3, 99); 19,22,23,21,99,20 linklist.displayallnodes ();//Node node = Linklist.deletefirstnode ();//System.        Out.println ("node:" +;//Linklist.displayallnodes ();//node = Linklist.deletebypos (2);//          System.out.println ("node:" +;//Linklist.displayallnodes ();//Linklist.deletefirstnode (); Linklist.deletebydata (+);//Node node = LinkliSt.deletebypos (0); System. Out.println ("Node:" + node.)          data);          Linklist.displayallnodes ();          Node Node1 = linklist.findbypos (0); System. Out.println ("Node1:" + node1.          data);          Node Node2 = Linklist.findbydata (22); System. Out.println ("Node2:" + node2.     data); }}

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Data structure Review--java realization of single-linked list basic operation

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