Database startup failed due to shareserver Parameter Modification

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Modifying the shareserver parameter causes the database to fail to start. When learning the shared service, you accidentally make an error when modifying the configuration parameters. 1. Modify SQLaltersystemsetdispatchers (protocoltcp) (dispatchers2) scopespfile; accidentally write SQLaltersystemsetdis

Modifying the share server parameter causes the database to fail to start. When learning the shared service and modifying the configuration parameters, you accidentally make an error. 1. Modify SQL alter system set dispatchers = (protocol = tcp) (dispatchers = 2) scope = spfile; accidentally write the SQL alter system set dis

Modifying the share server parameter causes database startup failure

When learning the shared service and modifying the configuration parameters, I accidentally made an error.

1. Modify

SQL> alter system set dispatchers = '(protocol = tcp) (dispatchers = 2)' scope = spfile;

Accidentally written

SQL> alter system set dispatchers = '(protocol = tcp) 9 dispatchers = 2)' scope = spfile;

2. Failed to restart instance

SQL> startup force

Prompt: The dipatchers parameter is incorrect.

Startup failed. It should be because the spfile file has an error. spfile is a binary file and cannot be directly modified by the editor. Therefore, you want to use the init parameter file to start it.

3. No initorac. ora file is found under $ ORACLE_HOME/dbs.

# Strings spfileorac. ora> cmd.txt
# Vi cmd.txt
# Cp cmd.txt initorac. ora

Change 9 dispatchers = 2) to (dispatchers = 2)

4. Because spfile is called first when the instance is started and then pfile

# Mv spfileorac. ora spfileorac. ora. bak

5. Then start the instance. The instance will be started from pfile.
SQL> startup nomount
SQL> alter database mount;
SQL> alter database open;

6. generate a new spfile from pfile.
SQL> create spfile from pfile;

7. Restart the instance and view the startup parameter file.

13:44:39 SYS @ orac> startup
ORACLE instance started.

Total System Global Area 167772160 bytes
Fixed Size 1218316 bytes
Variable Size 71305460 bytes
Database Buffers 92274688 bytes
Redo Buffers 2973696 bytes
Database mounted.
Database opened.
13:45:05 SYS @ orac> show parameter pfile;

Spfile string/u01/app/oracle/product/10.2.0
/Db_1/dbs/spfileorac. ora
13:45:28 SYS @ orac> select program from v $ process;

Now, the system has been repaired!

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