DBImport v3.5 Chinese Version released: Database timing synchronization and document generation tools (required by IT staff), dbimport generation tools

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DBImport v3.5 Chinese Version released: Database timing synchronization and document generation tools (required by IT staff), dbimport generation tools

Taking advantage of the recent rest time, you can only work more diligently: write more code and update more articles.

It is estimated that the blog will return to the status of several articles produced in a year after the new job is put into operation.

For DBImport, the user's opinion adds a highlight feature to enable software B to be upgraded to the Database Synchronization tool from time to time, so let's take a look at the value.

Compared with the previous version, the main functions are updated:

1: optimized the import efficiency of MySql.

2: added the timing function (upgraded from B to time data synchronization ).

3: optimize the exported table scripts and data scripts.

4: upgrade from. NET 2.0 to. NET 4.0: (mainly to support Oracle: Oracle. ManagedDataAccess. dll is 4.0 linear)

DBImport V3.5 Introduction: 1: Main chart: interface changes. The Stored Procedure paging option is removed and the timing function configuration item is added.

Timing function Introduction: (the user reminds me that the timing function is added, so the software can synchronize data from time to time and is still cross-database)

As a result, the B-frame of the software was immediately upgraded, because the data synchronization software on the market was expensive and only adapted to similar databases.

Now, everyone has a simple option.

Scheduled function usage:

1: Tick (by day or by interval) = the operation will automatically switch to the fourth option (automatically identify updates or inserts based on the primary key)

2: Check [Time...]. (If the EditTime or UpdateTime field exists in the table, the latest data is automatically selected based on this identifier)

3: Start data import. If you want to stop the data import, cancel the timed check]

PS1: the name of the time field can be configured. See the config.txt file in the Software Directory.

PS2: The following Where condition also adds the tag [EXETIME], which is applicable to the timer that requires custom conditions.

Application scenarios:

The sample site of the ASP. NET Aries framework was released earlier. The result was always confusing, changing the password, and deleting data, which affected other users.

Every time a user reminds me that my account cannot be logged in, or the menu is gone, I have to open the computer silently, open DBImport, and export data from the local machine to restore it. tired ....

Now we can throw DBImport and regularly update the data back for half an hour. It's time to worry about data destruction by these rogue users.

If you have a demo site, you are afraid that users will delete data. You can throw a DBImport and set a timer to ignore deletion.

2: Figure 2: The database sequence is adjusted and the Xml option is added.

Here we have optimized several points:

1: when the data script is displayed, it will be changed from synchronization to thread (when there are many user response fields, it will be stuck)

2: Modify the export data script for Txt and Xml (for Json text and Xml format Xml)

3. For fields starting with n such as nvarchar, add N ''To the exported MSSQL data script. (user response does not include N. Chinese characters are garbled in the English environment)

4: The exported script processes the Bit type and converts it to 1, 0 data. (MySql must be set to False, MSSQL must be set to 'false', and careful processing of quotation marks is required .)

3: Figure 3: database link example. Select the example link here based on different database types.


The Software Directory has (.txt). For example, SQLite, Sybase, and Oracle, extract the corresponding DLL and run the software as needed.

4: Technical Instructions on MySQL batch execution

1: MySql. Data. dll contains the MySqlBulkLoader class, which is suitable for batch insertion.

2: Check the source code. The underlying layer still calls the Load Data syntax.

3: The Framework calls the Load Data syntax for implementation.

4: The Load Data syntax does not support binary Data.

5: The Load Data syntax does not support the Bit type (because the Bit type is in Mysql or binary)

6: when the framework is processing: if the Data is composed of numbers, strings, and time, Load Data is used. Otherwise, the original transaction is used.


Some netizens said: the products produced in the fall will be excellent products. I only have to work harder to maintain these open-source or unopen-source products.

1: historical version set: http://www.cnblogs.com/cyq1162/category/813601.html

2: http://www.cyqdata.com/download/article-detail-42517

3: This article released within 24 hours (expired invalid), friends like the netizens, You Can [] and [software contact the author of the local information] sent to the 272657997@qq.com mailbox, the registration code will be randomly selected.

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