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I used vs. php In. Net to debug and develop PHP. I think this plug-in is very useful.


These days I have been busy working on another website, which is also PHP. I installed this plug-in again because I installed Win8 just a few days ago and I installed this plug-in again.

The new website fails to be debugged after it is installed, as shown in the following figure:

1. During debugging, PHP is always downloaded as an attachment.

2. the breakpoint is not broken.

The following describes how to change to a previously running project:

1. php is also used as an attachment for download.

2. When you refresh the page, the breakpoint can be disconnected.


In additionCodeWhen creating a PHP project, the project file cannot be guaranteed.


Possible problems:

1. incompatible with the new Win8 system.

2. Some project configuration files generated vary depending on the operating system.


The operating system will not be changed for the moment, and the project is too large. The project configuration file is compared and there is no problem.

When PHP is used as an attachment for downloading, I think it should be a problem with the apache2 server, but the server of this plug-in is embedded, not very clear, and I want to find another reason.


Two. Net projects were created, one being a newly created project that is not running correctly, and the other being a project that can run normally in the previous win7 system. Compare the output information of startup debugging.

It was finally found that the embedded apache2 server was activated during debugging, and there was a. htaccess file as a parameter. Is this the problem.

The files that previously run normally are configured by me. htaccess, but now this new project is just downloaded from bluehost and I don't know how to configure it on that server, test the configuration file of the previous project under the new project,

A try is indeed a problem with this configuration file.


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Next time, I have to remind myself to take a serious analysis of the problem. Although I realized the problem on the server at the beginning, I did not take it into consideration. I also thought about other reasons to be lucky.

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