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Mobile phone production Process Brief introduction: When everyone sees a novel and has a high performance, bright design of mobile phones appear, do you have such curiosity, such a phone how to make it? Today we try to use a technical objective angle, to describe the mobile phone production process briefly, So that you know more about the structure of mobile phone!

  First, the mobile phone design process

Mobile design companies generally need the most basic six departments: ID (Industry design) Industrial design, MD (mechanical design) architecture, HW (Hardware) hardware design, SW (software) software design, PM ( Project Management Program management, sourcing resource development, QA (qualityassurance) Quality Supervision

1.ID (industrydesign) Industrial design

Mobile phone's appearance, material, feel, color matching, the main interface of the implementation and color and other aspects of the design. For example, Motorola's "clear" flap of translucent, Nokia 7610 's rounded appearance, Sony Ericsson W550 Sunshine Orange and so on. These special feelings and experience for users are the category of mobile phone industry design, whether a mobile phone can become the best-selling products, mobile phone industrial design is particularly important!

2.MD (mechanicaldesign) structure design

Mobile phone's front shell, rear shell, mobile phone camera lens position selection, fixed way, battery how to connect, the thickness of the cell phone. If it is a sliding mobile phone, how to let the mobile phone slide up, how to achieve the automatic upward bounce, SIM card how to plug and pull the arrangement, these are mobile phone structure design category. The tedious parts require MD staff to be familiar with materials and processes. Motorola V3 to 13.9mm thickness set off the mobile phone market craze, V3 mobile phone to ultra-thin as the selling point, because its mobile phone shell material selection is very critical, so the V3 shell is advanced by the technology of aviation grade aluminum alloy material. It can be said that the choice of special shell material to achieve the success of the V3. In addition, there are individual users in the use of some ultra-thin slide mobile phone, when answering the phone can always feel the phone front shell shaking, this is the mobile phone structure design problems, because the cell phone's shell is too thin, the speaker vibration is easy to make the phone's fuselage resonance.

3.HW (Hardware) Hardware design

The hardware mainly designs circuits as well as antennas, while HW is to maintain regular communication with MD. For example, the MD requires thin, so the circuit is also thin to make sense. At the same time HW will also require MD to place the antenna area is relatively large, and the battery distance is also far enough, HW will also require ID in the vicinity of the antenna not to place metal fittings and so on. Imagine a built-in antenna design mobile phone, its manufacturing cost is more than an external antenna design of the mobile phone you 20-25%, the main factor is the antenna design, material requirements and circuit design and manufacturing costs on average are higher. Usually the structural designer (MD) and industrial designer (ID) will have controversy, MD said ID are painters, painting some people do not come out of things, and the ID will say that MD stupid, do not according to their design, so the cell phone is not selling well. Therefore, a new mobile phone in the hands of the design, each department will be the ID department of the design of the creative Review, a good ID must be a can realize the idea, and the customer experience feel to be very good. Motorola V70 ID is a good example of the implementation of creative, late market reaction is also good, and Siemens Xelibri Creative Although also very good, but also can be achieved, but unfortunately the use of the end customer is not good, so a really good idea, not only to look good, can be achieved, but also to be useful. In addition HW will also quarrel with the ID, id like to decorate with metal, but the metal will affect the antenna design and prone to electrostatic problems, so HW will be very annoyed, ID/MD will develop new materials, to meet the requirements of the ID. The Nokia 8800 is a good example of a metallic feeling without compromising the antenna's ability to receive.

4,SW (software) Software design

Relatively speaking, SW is easier for everyone to understand, because of the popularity of computers, so that we have the greatest degree of exposure to a variety of software, mobile phone operation interface mode, we often see the mobile phone nine Operation menu implementation, which is the scope of SW design. SW to fully consider the operability of the interface, whether humane, whether the aesthetic factors. SW testing is very complex, numerous, SW testing is not only in the search for bugs, conformance testing, compatibility testing, etc. are very important items, in the current "content-oriented" Information age, the software is the ultimate pillar of the mobile phone, hardware driver is software to achieve, The conflict between software and hardware engineers is believed to be no less than other departments, and this relationship is going around, so it needs to be coordinated with PM (projectmanagement) project management.

5.PM (projectmanagement) project Management

The PM of large-scale companies is very detailed, such as TPM(technologlyofprojectmanagement), which is specialized in the PM of the technology, and the ordinary PM, only manage the progress of the project coordination work, PM This department usually exists in those of their own design, production, their own sales of mobile phone company,am(accountmanager) position I am afraid everyone is not unfamiliar, as the Customer Manager, the company is on behalf of the customer request, external representative of the company's overall image, Play an indispensable role in bridging the gap between the two.

6,Sourcing Resources Development Department

Resource development staff to constantly explore new resources, such as new materials, new cell phone components, testing equipment, when the phone started trial, they want to ensure that the production line of all the required materials are complete. Mobile phone for small batch trial production, not only is the software/hardware maturity, but also to examine the production process and production of testing technology, some mobile phones at this stage, but not through this, and finally ended in failure. So the new design of the mobile phone will not appear in the market, and investment in the development of capital and manpower to pay the water, is a great loss.

7.QA (qualityassurance) Quality Supervision

QA department to bear the whole process quality assurance work, to urge the development process is consistent with the predetermined process, to ensure that the project is productive, there are many new design of mobile phones, because of the non-production of a certain factor and give up. Production of a mobile phone is not in the laboratory to do experiments so simple, once the production is thousands of departments, to ensure that the quality of each product is not a simple and easy thing. The production of a cell phone sample and the production of 100,000 mobile phones is completely two different things. Example: Chinese restaurant is a sample, McDonald's do is the product, so McDonald's can do very big, and so far, China's restaurant has not yet done like McDonald's scale is the fact, so mobile phone design company will establish a lot of processes to prevent the emergence of the design of the mobile phone can not be put into production situation. Not only that, a successful listing of a mobile phone, can sell a full house red, still need to have close contact with the public mobile phone users, and through user feedback and rapid improvement to succeed.

  Second, mobile phone test project

First step: Stress Testing

Use the automatic test software to dial 1000 phone calls continuously to check whether the phone will malfunction. If something went wrong, the software needed to be rewritten. So sometimes the phone will appear different software version of the situation, in fact, tell everyone a secret, the more mobile phone version, this can prove that the mobile phone before the launch of the sale, not after the full testing work will be released.

Step two: wrestling resistance test

The wrestling test is carried out by a dedicated pprt reliability lab, and the 0.5m micro-drop test is done 300 times/face (six faces on the phone). And the 2m drop test each face to do once, but also the simulation of the mobile phone to the desktop, and the cell phone used by the battery, but also to go through a minimum of 4m height, a separate impact on the ground fell 100 times and can not be cracked.

Step three: high/low temperature testing

Let the mobile phone in different temperature environment test the adaptability of the mobile phone, low temperature generally in the 零下20摄氏度, the high temperature is about 80 degrees Celsius.

Fourth step: high humidity test

With a special cabinet for dripping test, simulating the situation of sweating (water infiltration of a certain proportion of salt), about 30 hours.

Fifth step: Hundred Test (also known as the boundary Tofu test)

With H4 hardness pencil in the mobile phone shell painting 100 lattice, see if the cell phone shell will fall paint, some more stringent requirements of mobile phones, will be on the phone's shell and then smear on some "brand" cosmetics, see if there are different chemical components and will be the paint of the phone smell or paint may be off.

Sixth step: flap Reliability Test

Clamshell mobile phone flap 100,000 times, check the loss of mobile phone shell, is a flap of the simulation machine, it can set the flap of the strength, angle and so on.

Seventh step: torque Test

The straight machine clamps two ends, one to the left and one to the right. The torque test is mainly testing the strength of the mobile phone shell and the large device inside the mobile phone.

Eighth step: Electrostatic Test

In the north, the weather is more dry, hand-touch metal things prone to static electricity, will lead to breakdown of the phone circuit, some poorly designed mobile phone is such a sudden damage. The tool for this test, is a known as "electrostatic gun" of the copper, electrostatic gun will be adjusted to the 10-15kv of the high voltage and low current situation, the phone all metal contact point of the test, the time is about 300ms-2s, and in a room with a humidity control, and the related charger (fire cow) will also have the same test, qualified to release the factory.

Nineth step: key Life Test

With the help of the machine to set the power of the keyboard hit 100,000 times, if the user 100 times per button, is 1000 days, equivalent to the user's mobile phone three years or so.

Tenth step: Dust Test

Put the phone into a particular box, the tiny sand is touted by the blower, after about three hours, open the phone and see if there is sand inside the phone. If there is, then the mobile phone airtight design is not good enough, its structural design needs to be re-adjusted.

In addition, the mobile phone test also contains more bizarre testing items, such as the phone on the iron plate on the phone to test, because the magnetic field has changed, what happens, such as the search for the SIM card. The use of wire in the bottom connector of the phone dial to dial, mainly to consider the handbag has a key in the case, whether it will cause the problem of short-circuit phone. Also deliberately put the charger/battery reverse test, to see if the phone's protection circuit design can operate normally, close to the fluorescent lamp phone test, the body absorbs the electromagnetic wave proportion of the test, and close to the heart of the phone call test, and so on, the various tests mentioned above are indispensable.

The above is the basic process of mobile phone production, strict implementation of mobile phone manufacturers produced by the quality of the mobile phone is guaranteed.

First, the determination of the motherboard solution

In the mobile phone design company, usually divided into the marketing Department (hereinafter referred to as MKT), the form Design Department (hereinafter referred to as the ID), the Structure design Department (hereinafter referred to as MD). A mobile phone project is from the customer designated a motherboard, the customer according to market demand to choose the right motherboard, from the scheme company where to get the motherboard 3D diagram, and then find design company design a style of shape and structure. Also has the customer directly to find the design company request designs The new design motherboard, this needs the handset structure engineer and the proposal company to do the new motherboard stack according to the customer request, then does the follow-up work, here does not do the main introduction. When the design company's MKT and the customer signed the agreement, get the customer to the motherboard 3D diagram, the project officially started, MD's work began.

Second, the design guidelines for the production

Get the motherboard 3D diagram, ID can not be directly called, but also MD to the motherboard 3D diagram into six view, and calculate the basic size of the machine, this is the fundamental of the MD, I took it as the company recruit interview questions, there is no independent do a mobile phone test will know, if the answer is not even if the resume is more experienced and useless. , in fact, the answer is very simple, with a touch screen phone for example, such as motherboard length 99, the length of the machine is in the motherboard at both ends of each plus 2.5, the machine length can be achieved 99+2.5+2.5= 104, such as the motherboard width 37.6, the width of the machine is on both sides of the motherboard plus 2.5, the machine width can be achieved 37.6+2.5+2.5=42.6, such as the motherboard thickness of 13.3, the overall thickness of the motherboard is added 1.2 ( Contains 0.9 of the upper shell thickness and 0.3 of the foam thickness), under the motherboard with 1.1 (including 1.0 of the battery cover thickness and 0.1 of the battery Assembly clearance), the overall thickness can be achieved 13.3+1.2+1.1=15.6, the answer is not unique, As long as the calculation method can be described in particular, the ID design needs to pay attention to the problem, this is a complete design guidelines.

Third, the shape of the phone to determine

ID get the design guidelines, the first will draw sketches for the idea, the next focus on the selection scheme, determine the next two or three sketches, both to meet customer requirements of the creative, the two or three sketches between the style of the difference, and then on the machine to refine, draw a complete machine, during the MD to provide technical support for the ID as far as possible, If the process can be achieved, the structure can be made thinner, ID complete the machine by the customer adjustment and screening, the final determination of the program will be transferred to MD to do structural modeling.

Iv. Structural Modeling

1. Collection of information

MD Start modeling requires the ID to provide wireframe, wireframe is the ID according to the outline of the process diagram, can compare the actual design intent of the reflection ID, the output of the file can be DXF and IGS format, if it is DXF format, MD to the different view of the wireframe in CAD according to six view orientation, In order to transfer into the ProE (the wireframe that rotates the different angles of view directly in the ProE is a nuisance). There is also a responsible ID in the rhino to help MD to the different angles of view of the wireframe by six views of the position of the file to be stored in the IGS format, The MD only needs to be traced in the ROE. Some people may ask, all the talk is to the line, the ID provided by the wireframe directly used to draw the surface is not more convenient? No, the ID provided by the wireframe is not parameterized, can not be modified and edited, limiting the subsequent structural adjustment, so the MD is not recommended directly with ID provided by the wireframe. There are also ID lines directly to J PG Pictures, let MD himself to the line, that is more chaotic, the picture scale between the length and width of the ratio may change, MD strokes may be different from the design intent of the ID, so it is not recommended that the ID not line directly to the JPG picture. If there is an ID with Rhino phone reference surface is better, in fact, the ID is also can be modeled, and the degree of freedom of the rhino than ProE, so the ID model faster than MD, but the ID to pull the mold and disassembly of the lack of understanding, may be built out of the surface and the actual some of the difference, the subsequent structural design help little Can only be used for reference. In addition, if it is copied version of the customer provides a reference prototype, or online can find ready-made pictures, These can be used to facilitate the modeling of MD. The motherboard of the 3D is MD has, directly find out with can, but, with the best and ID before checking again, see if there is a mistake, there is no updated version, otherwise, the structure is done to find the board is not right can be painful.

2. Idea of Disassembly

MD Before you start to think good phone how to disassemble, do mobile phone has an important idea, is the mobile phone shell must have a subject, the strength of the main body is the best, the thickness is the thickest, the strength of the whole rely on him, the other parts are posted on his body, such a mobile phone structure is strong, Motherboard fixed is also dependent on the main body, if the upper shell thicker suitable for the main body, the motherboard is usually installed in the upper shell, if the lower shell thicker suitable for the main body, the motherboard is usually installed in the lower shell, the demolition of a simple, over the complex will reduce the mobile phone strength, assembly difficulty will increase, when necessary and structural colleagues to discuss Strive to find the best disassembly solution. After the disassembly plan is decided, it is necessary to consider the draft between the shell, the upper and lower shell of the mold to 3 degrees above, hardware decorative sheet four weeks of draft to 5 degrees or more.

3. Drawing of the exterior surface

Appearance surface refers to the outer contour of the phone, good curved surface, when the stroke must be close to the ID of the line frame, The idea of respecting ID is the basic accomplishment of structural engineer. At the same time, the line should be as smooth as possible, the curvature changes as evenly as possible, draft angle to take into account, if the ID of the line draft angle and structure requirements are inconsistent, and ID negotiation, if the effect on the appearance of small, can be directly modified by the structure of the contour line draft angle, if the plastic shell retained draft angle of the Meaning damage larger, may wish to consider plastic mold to do four-sided row, after all, mobile phones are high-end consumer goods, this investment is worth it. The shape of the phone is symmetrical, the appearance of the surface only need to do half, the other half to the back to do the disassembly and mirror the past, finish the appearance of the first self-check the draft and fairing, and then set up the assembly diagram, the big side and the motherboard put together to see if the basic size is sufficient, and finally please ID come to see Once the ID is confirmed, it can be disassembled.

4. Preliminary disassembly

This time the disassembly is for the customer to confirm the appearance and do the appearance of the hand, you can not do the shell, but the appearance can see the parts to be drawn as a separate, convenient appearance of the hand to do different surface effects, the appearance of the round corner of the place to guide the round angle, This is not to be omitted. General Assembly drawings of the parts of the name and distribution are required, for example, the key is to the key factory, can be concentrated in a component, the quotation and casting can be issued in the form of a component, very convenient.

5. Output of modeling data

MD modeling completed, in the ProE engineering drawings to make the whole machine six views, dump DXF line frame file feedback to the ID adjustment process annotation, the six-view wireframe of the completion of the module may be modified with the original ID provided to MD, the ID needs to do the appropriate update, and further complete the process diagram, The material and the surface process of the visible parts of each appearance are indicated, there is a screen printing or laser engraving of the film material, the updated process map film data, coupled with MD modeling 3D diagram, you can issue the appearance of the hand.

Five, the appearance of hand production and appearance adjustment

The appearance of the hand of the system do have a special hand factory, making a straight phone need 3-4 days, The appearance plate is solid. Non-detachable, mainly used to give customers to confirm the appearance of the effect, now the appearance of the hand button can be in the bottom cushion nest pieces, with a sense of touch, just like the real machine. After the customer receives the evaluation, gives the change opinion, MD is responsible for the improvement, can begin to do the internal structure.

Vi. Structural Design

The structure of the refinement should start from the overall layout, I advocate the overall planning of the structure, that is, the first to do the upper and lower shell of the Stop line, screw column and the main buckle structure, finished the three steps, The frame of the cell phone is set up. followed by the top to the bottom, from the top and the order of the completion of the details of the structure, from top to bottom refers to the first to finish the shell components, and then do the next shell components, from the top and the ground is the order of the upper shell components in accordance with the mic from the top of the handset to do the bottom, this is the overall idea, specific to the local can also Big, I can do the screen first, the other in order to do it down. Please note that every detail of the structure as far as possible to complete the next detail, do not give the subsequent inspection and optimization to add extra work.

1. The inner structure of the stop line is started, first the upper and lower shell is shelled, the general basic wall thickness takes 1.5~ 1.8mm. The gap between the upper and lower shell is zero, the front said how to determine the main body, the main body thicker suitable to do the female stop, the other one is to do the public stop, the stop is not too deep, the general 0.6mm is enough, in order to facilitate assembly, the public stop can be appropriate to do draft tilt or C angle.

2. Screw column of the structure of the screw column is the key to determine the strength of the machine, usually the motherboard will be reserved six screw column hole position, do not waste, Use it as much as you can. Screw column also has an important role is to fix the motherboard, the motherboard installed in which shell, screw column of the procedure also corresponding to some changes, screw column not only and the motherboard on the hole phase with the motherboard, the side of the screw column to do the reinforcing rib clamp on the motherboard, this structure is reliable.

3. Layout of the main buckle

4. Upper shell decorative hardware pieces of the fixed structure of the shell decorative hardware is generally used stainless steel or aluminum, thickness of 0.4mm or 0.5mm, with heat-sensitive adhesive, double-sided adhesive or buckle fixed, the surface can be brushed, electroplating and laser engraving. Wherein the aluminum sheet can be oxidized to a variety of different colors, the edge can also be cut off the bright side

5. Screen fixed structure screen is like a mobile phone face, to protect it, masonry fence to, is to use the shell long a circle around the bone up, has been supporting the motherboard (leave 0.1mm gap), the LCD closed up, even if the impact of external forces are pressed on the shell of the surrounding bone, Because the surrounding bone is taller than the screen. The front of the screen can not directly contact with the shell, head will crush the screen, the front of the screen must be affixed to a lap of 0.5mm thick foam, bubble quilt compression thickness of 0.3mm, so the screen between the front and the gap between the shell 0.3mm. The previous calculation method of the whole machine thickness, here please pay attention to the screen front part of the thickness is How to calculate, see the drawings. In order to facilitate the loading of the screen, we will be on the top of the surrounding bone with a guide angle, of course, if there are components around the screen or to avoid the local reduction, the gap at least 0.2mm, if the avoidance screen and the motherboard connected FPC, the gap between the surrounding bone and FPC to achieve more than 1.0.

6. The handset's fixed structure handset is the handset voice device, generally in the screen top, in addition to need to locate, but also needs to have the good sealing sound cavity, the structure uses the shell to surround the handset outside side, and the screen's surrounding bone resembles, but the handset's surrounding bone does not need to support the motherboard, the handset thickness 2/ 3 is enough. Then the upper shell again a circle of surrounding bone around the sound hole of the handset, the surrounding bone compression of the handset on the front of the foam, surrounded by a relatively closed sound chamber, and finally out of the upper shell out of the sound hole on the line, the shell out of the sound hole should be in the range of the sound hole of the handset. From the outside, the receiver will do some simple decoration, such as a net (see attached drawings). Can also do an electroplating plastic decorative parts with the use of dustproof nets, attention to plastic decorative parts are usually used in the way of hot glue column fixed, dust screen is affixed to the inside of the handset sound chamber,

7. Fixed structure of front camera

The front camera is located on the front of the motherboard with PFC, The connector is connected to the motherboard. The positioning of the camera is also based on the shell of a circle of surrounding bone wrapped around the camera to locate. The camera is like the eyes of the phone, in order to ensure good shooting effect, the camera front of the lens part needs to have a good sealing structure, to prevent dust or foreign objects into the eye, we use the foam to separate the lens and the inside of the Transparent lens, in order to ensure good light transmittance and wear resistance, the camera lens using glass material, the bottom screen printing, the purpose of screen printing is to cover the lens and the shell between the double-sided adhesive paper, it is worth mentioning that the camera lens assembly is in the final stage of the Assembly of the machine to do, the whole shell after locking screws, To use blowing air gun carefully clean the lens, the lens through the double-sided adhesive bonded to the shell, cover the lens.

8. Fixed structure of power-saving mode lens

Power-saving mode lens used relatively little, some phones have a power-saving mode of setting, need to open a skylight on the phone shell, so that the Photosensitive ID sensor to the outside of the brightness, which need to open holes in the chassis and stamped lenses, lenses can be cut directly on the PC sheet metal outside the chassis, It can also be made into an injection-molded guide beam in the inside of the casing hot glue fixed.

Fixed structure of 9.MIC

Mic is located at the bottom of the phone, like the phone's ears, is to convert the external voice into an electrical signal components, so to let the outside sound without obstruction to the mic, but also to prevent the sound of the inner cavity of the shell affect the mic, the structure of the surrounding bone is indispensable, and the mic itself to be wrapped in plastic wrap, Only in front of a small hole induction sound, straight ahead must also be a good fit with the shell, the guide hole on the shell generally open 1.0mm round hole. The connection between mic and motherboard can be solder wire, solder FPC or weld on the motherboard.

10. Structure design of main key

Mobile Phone Main button According to the thickness can be divided into ultra-thin button and the normal button, before the flip machine, the sliding slider machine because of the thickness limit, the key thickness space even 2mm are not, directly using sheet and silicone structure, sheet can be thin steel sheet or PC piece, in order to ensure that the keys do not connect, The different function keys on the sheet are separated by through holes (such as the main button of the V3 phone), the role of silica gel is to get a good button feel. Now on the market to the majority, I take the p+r button as an example of the main key structure design, the structure design of the bar machine is divided into 100 parts, I think the key components of the structure design accounted for 30%, the shell components accounted for 30%, the lower shell components accounted for 40%, visible key importance. The P+R keys include a key cap assembly, a bracket and a silicone three-part, and some buttons between the key cap assembly and the bracket with a light-shielding paper to prevent light transmission between the keys. Stent material according to the key thickness, can be used PC or ABS injection molding, thickness in 0.8-2.0mm; You can also use PC sheet directly blanking, thickness of 0.5, 0.6 or 0.7mm; When the key thickness is not enough, the bracket material with 0.15mm thick stainless steel sheet, but considering the ESD (electrostatic test) When the impact of the steel plate on the motherboard, we need to bend a cantilever on both sides of the steel sheet, and the grounding on the dome chip on the wire, or the key PCB on the grounding of copper foil, silicon film thickness of 0.3mm, the front of the long boss and the key cap glue glue. The back Extension dome column and the Nest Aberdeen piece to cooperate.

11. Structural design of side buttons

The side button is located on the left and right side of the phone or the top side, the function is usually the volume key, shooting key, power button or lock key, etc., the structure is simpler than the main key, the position of the side button on the motherboard will usually adopt the way of welding to fix several side pressure mechanical keys, A mechanical button corresponds to a function. The advantages of mechanical side buttons are simple structure, good feel. There are also do FPC keys, in the motherboard to reserve the position of the pad, the use of surface welding method fixed an FPC button board, FPC button plate bent to the side, the key plate on the nest pieces can be induced contact pressure. FPC-style side keys are the same as the motherboard The central location can be adjusted as needed. Side button part of the structure of the design is usually p+r form, and the main button compared to the side buttons do not have to do the button support, silicone parts can not be less help to improve the feel is not hard, the key cap with a skirt to prevent falling out, the key cap surface treatment may be the primary color, injection or electroplating, because there is no led light, Also rarely do crystal key caps, functional characters are generally used in the form of concave engraved on the key cap. The side button is fixed on the side of the button to extend an ear out, and then with the shell stretching the bone clip, which is mainly in the assembly process to prevent the key loose, once the shell, the side of the clamping part of the key is basically no role, the clamping portion of the mating gap is 0.

Structural design of 12.USB stopper

USB plug is used to protect the lid of the USB connector, for easy opening and closing, usually using a softer TPE or TPU material, the structure of the USB plug is divided into the body, key hand position, tongue, positioning column four parts, color is black or with the shell close to the color, USB function character concave on the body, The key hand can be stretched out or dug into an inner recess. The tongue part is the USB plug into the USB connector to prevent loose rubber bone, the positioning column is a USB plug fixed on the shell of the upside down, can be made into a plug-in or direct pressure (directly stuck between the shell). Similar structure on the mobile phone T-flash card or SD card plug, a long plug can also be made into p+r structure, that is, the body, key hand part with hard adhesive material, and the inside of the plug, fixed part with soft adhesive material, hard adhesive material and soft adhesive material with glue together.

13. Structural design of screw hole stopper

Nut on the surface of the phone will affect the appearance, Must be covered with a screw-hole stopper. The nut inside the battery cover can be shielded. Screw hole rubber plug structure is relatively simple, the mold can and USB plug in the same set of mold, from the mold factory made, screw hole plug approximation to the cylinder, for easy to take, can be hollowed out the interior, screw hole glue the surface of the wall must be consistent with the shell profile, the diameter as small (1.0mm larger than the nut diameter), if the left and right two screw holes in the surface of the wall is not the same, can not be interchangeable, you must be in the screw hole stopper on the cylindrical surface to make a non-stick groove to distinguish. Screw hole rubber plug According to the needs of the structure and screw different axes to make eccentric, as long as can cover the nut on the line. Because the machine disassembly must use the screws, so in order to verify that the phone has not been opened privately, some manufacturers will be in the battery cover of the screw hole on the top of a platform to dig a piece of fragile paper, if you want to loose the screws in the hole screw, You have to destroy the fragile paper. The platform must be designed according to the size of the fragile paper, the platform shape is slightly larger than the fragile paper, the position is lower than the shell to a level, to prevent the finger accidentally touching the fragile paper.

14. Fixed structure of horn

The volume of the phone is a powerful selling point, which puts a higher demand on the horn Sound Chamber. In addition to the requirements of the scheme company to the speaker itself out of the tone to the best state, the Horn of the sound cavity structure also need to pay attention to several points: A. The front sound chamber of the horn must be closed. The horn and the shell directly cooperate, between the horn and the shell must add the annular foam closed, the horn side must be surrounded by the shell-length ring surrounding bone, one-sided gap to stay 0.1mm. If there is an antenna bracket between the horn and the shell, the horn and the antenna bracket must be affixed with a circular foam seal, the antenna bracket and the shell must also be affixed with a ring foam closed, in short, so that the sound of the speaker can be emitted through the shell of the acoustic hole. B. The speaker's front sound chamber height should be greater than 1.5mm. The Horn's sound chamber height refers to the vertical distance of the front of the speaker to the wall of the shell, in order to ensure adequate height of the horn cavity, even the inside of the shell cavity can be cut thin to 0.6mm. C. The sound hole area must reach 15% of the loudspeaker sound area, The hole area is the sum of the total area of the sound hole. Horn Sound area is the front of the horn to remove foam in the middle of the area, the Horn of the higher the height of the sound chamber, requires the sound hole area accounted for the proportion of the horn out of the area of the larger, when the Horn of the sound chamber height of more than 20, the sound hole area can be and the horn out of the area, such as For most mobile phone speakers of the sound chamber in the 1.5~4mm, the sound hole area accounted for the horn sound area of the 15%~20%, The sound effect is better. D. The simplest way to structure the sound hole is to open the hole directly on the housing, can be a circular hole array, or a set of long holes. To prevent dust and foreign matter into the sound chamber, you can add a dust-proof mesh inside the shell, in order to be beautiful, the outside of the sound hole can be affixed with nickel sheets, PC pieces and other decorative pieces, nickel mesh diameter can be small to 0.3mm , in the case of the use of nickel, the inside of the shell can not be added to the dust screen. E. The post-tune of the horn mainly affects the low frequency part of the bell, the effect on the high frequency part is smaller, can not do the requirement. In order to get a good bass effect, there is no component interference on the motherboard, you can use the antenna bracket with the motherboard, The rear tune of the horn are closed by adding the foam to form the rear sound chamber. Now in order to get a more shocking bass effect, the horn family has already appeared the vibration horn, according to the size of the sound vibration horn can produce different strength of vibration, this vibration directly through the shell to the user's hand.

15. Fixed structure of the lower shell camera

The fixed structure of the lower shell camera and the fixed structure of the upper shell camera are similar, both use PFC or connector to connect with the motherboard, locating all need the surrounding bone, sealing all need foam and lens, but the difference is that the positioning of the camera under the shell with the help of the antenna bracket, The antenna bracket surrounds the surrounding and bottom of the lower shell camera to secure the camera. In order to ensure that the center of the lower Shell camera and the center of the lower shell is not biased, the lower shell positioning of the surrounding bone is still to be. The next shell camera lens is also installed complete machine after blowing clean mirror dust, finally installed.

16. Structural design of the lower shell decorative parts

The lower shell decorative parts can be plastic, iml pieces, metal pieces and so on. Plastic decorative parts surface can do electroforming effect, the advantage is strong metal sense, high grade, good wear resistance, plastic decorative parts directly hot glue or buckle in the shell, the thickness of the 0.9~1.0mm,iml piece is a silk screen has a pattern of film placed in plastic molds for injection molding, This film generally can be divided into three layers: the base material (generally pet), ink (ink), wear-resistant materials, when the injection molding finished, film and plastic into one, wear-resistant materials in the outermost layer, wherein the injection molding material for PC, PMMA, has the role of abrasion and scratch resistance, surface hardness can reach 3H. IML pieces are directly ironed or buckled on the housing, at least 1.2mm in thickness. Nickel sheet metal is the most commonly used in decorative pieces, the appearance of beautiful, ultra-thin tweezers thickness 0.1~0.15mm, do not open the mold can be done, the mesh diameter can be as small as 0.3mm. If there is a bending of the steps will be open mold made, the overall thickness can not exceed 3mm, step side draft to more than 10 degrees. Aluminum Decorative Parts thickness 0.4~0.5mm, because the quality of soft, surface drawing made of straight lines, disorderly lines, ripple, spiral lines. Anode treatment is also called corrosion treatment, is on the metal surface by the action of the formation of a layer of oxide film, rich color, beautiful color, good electrical insulation and hard wear resistance, corrosion resistance is very high. Sandblasting is to obtain the surface of the film light decoration or fine reflective surface, in order to meet the special design needs of gloss and soft. High-Gloss processing belongs to the post-processing, the edge of aluminum milling out a diagonal bright edge, the shape is like the C angle. Stainless Steel decorative Parts thickness 0.2~0.3mm, hardness than aluminum decorative pieces of high, the previous color single, but with the development of technology now color has gradually enriched up. The other surface treatment effect of stainless steel decorative parts mainly include drawing, highlight (mechanical polishing), pock (sandblasting), Matt and so on.

17. Structure design of battery compartment

Battery is the place where the cell phone stores energy, require the battery easy to load, good contact, flip does not fall out, easy to take, the structure of the battery box must meet these requirements, A. The basic material thickness of the battery box is 1.0mm, the battery bottom is as close as possible, there are components to avoid components, no components as far as possible to cover with a plastic shell, to avoid exposing large tracts of pcb.b. Clearance, the direction of the single-sided clearance of 0.2mm, draft 3~5度, non-direction of the unilateral gap is 0.1mm, draft 1~ 2 degrees. The bottom of the battery and the battery gap is 0.1mm. At the bottom of the battery, the plastic shell and the patch element clearance to leave 0.2mm, the battery bottom of the plastic shell and SIM card connector gap left to stay 0.5mm. C. The two ends of the battery take-up direction need to do the buckle and battery coordination, to prevent loosening, the amount of the buckle can be evaluated according to the rotation of the analog battery when it is taken. Key hand position to leave a slightly wider than the nail pits, easy to finger out of the battery d. Battery box to protect the battery connector, that is, the battery can only contact the battery connector after the shrapnel, but not to contact the battery To prevent damage to the battery connector when the drop test is done.

18. Structure design of the motor

The motor is a weak mechanical vibration of the electronic components of the mobile phone, when the user set mute, through the vibration of the motor can make the user induction call, motor shape is divided into columnar and flat, the main connection mode is welded wire type, shrapnel type, but also SMT and plug-in type. Wire-type, shrapnel-type and plug-type cylindrical motor usually outside the body of a rubber sleeve, we just on the shell of the surrounding bone covered with rubber cover, the gap between the surrounding bone and rubber cover is zero, A guide angle is reserved for the top of the bone. Note to reserve enough rotation space for the eccentric wheel, the shell must avoid the rotating range of the eccentric wheel at least 0.5mm. Flat motor without rubber sleeve, one side pressed on the plate, the other side directly with double-sided adhesive on the shell, around 2/3 circle of surrounding bone can be, you may ask, Why should we leave 1/3 of the gap in the original structure design should not only consider the assembly is reliable, but also to consider disassembly is also easy. With 1/3 of the gap, the removal of the motor with tweezers a pry on it, with the flip of the mobile phone on the positioning of the induction magnet to leave 1/3 of the gap, Also the same reason. Flat motor can also be fixed on the antenna support, one side with double-sided adhesive on the antenna bracket, the antenna stent around 2/3 round of the surrounding bone, the other side of the shell length of the rubber bone pressure, attention to rubber bone pressure motor can not be head-to-head, The gap between the rubber bone and the motor is 0.3, and a layer of foam is added to cushion it to protect the motor.

19. Structure design of stylus

The stylus is only used on the phone with a touch screen, generally fixed in the lower shell, when used, pull out, the stylus is divided into the CAP, barrel and nib, pen on the cap to do the pens, pens on the hook to do with the key hand, easy to draw the pen out, barrel for hollow stainless steel pipe or copper tube, It can be made into a paragraph or several lengths of length. Nib with a ring groove, inserted in the lower case by Groove positioning,

20. Structure design of battery cover

Batteries, SIM cards and T-flash cards to be designed to be replaceable, hide them in the lower shell of the battery box, and then design a convenient opening and closing the battery cover to protect them, the material of the battery cover can be plastic parts, the surface can be affixed with decorative pieces such as lenses or metal pieces, can also be used stainless steel sheet bending molding, The structure of the battery cover includes the key hand position, the insertion buckle, the side buckle, the dial point, the keying hand position is to take the power when the battery cover, the insertion buckle, the side buckle, is the battery cover inserts the lower shell when the occlusal structure, the dial point is the battery cover inserts the lower shell to prevent the exit lock structure.

21. Structure design of the piercing hole

The cable is used to fasten the structure of the rope, the mobile phone can wear a lanyard hanging in front of the chest, but now with the mobile phone surface hardware decorative pieces, and ultra-long standby caused by the increase in battery volume, all make the weight of the mobile phone itself gradually increased, There are customers who are no longer required to do the lanyard hole. Anyway, I do not recommend that you put the phone hanging in the chest, in addition to the security environment here, mobile phone battery insecurity is increasingly worrying for more and more people, or pocket it! The structure of the hole is generally done in the lower shell, the use of the antenna bracket to see the gap in the pin, the line is indispensable, but also to ensure that the bone position of the lanyard is sufficient strength.

Vii. information arrangement of quotation chart

To do here, the mobile phone structure design temporarily, first do an important thing---to provide customers with plastic mold price map, plastic mold To do it takes about 18 days of time, this is the whole mobile phone project of the heavy weight, before this, the customer selected mold plant need a few days time, First to the initial completion of the structure to the customer to contact the supplier, can shorten the process for the whole project, using the customer contact supplier for a few days, we can optimize the product, review and modification, and other customers selected suppliers, our structural design has also been completed, and mold suppliers to enter the mold review stage.

It should be explained that the plastic mold quotation chart includes the plastic parts of the 3D diagram, BOM and ID process callout. For the security of information, do not need to quote a plastic piece can not give, need to quote the plastic pieces of a can not be less, and the best to turn into STP format, only convenient quote, inconvenient to do other uses. BOM is also only for plastic parts, in order to avoid the error price. The above information is only for customers Division does not involve clients in business this piece.

Eight, structural design optimization

Well, now we can calm down to our own structural design optimization, design solutions to become products, there are many problems we need to think about and prevention, such as the surface of the hardware needs to be grounded, how the motherboard and the shell fit, how to increase the strength of the shell, how to improve the mold to facilitate the production and so on.

Ix. Structural Review

Every structural engineer to do out of the design, always have their own problems can not be found, the need for other engineers to check, the location of different, observing the angle is not the same, the judgment will also be different, the wrong to change, there is doubt to take out everyone to discuss, You can make the drawing level a step further. First review by another structural design engineer on the drawings, the preliminary examination takes about half a day to the beginning, need to the drawings in turn from the appearance, program evaluation, shell components, lower shell components, surface technology, mold feasibility, to the production assembly sequence one by one to conduct a comprehensive inspection, and the problem points recorded. and ---Collective assessment, the collective review is the structure of the full staff and related ID designers to participate in the meeting, the preliminary examination of the issues listed, we express their views, unified understanding, not only to ensure that the issued drawings can represent the highest standards of the company, but also for structural design engineers to provide a learning opportunity to improve in Shenzhen, The larger the design company, the more emphasis is placed on the role of collective accreditation.

Ten, the structure of the prototype of the verification

The structure of the front to do a good job, but also on paper, structural design needs to be verified by the physical, the structure of the hand to play the role of the verification structure, the structure of the hand data including ID process labeling, BOM and 3D drawings (of course, to be transferred to the STP format), the structure of the prototype system to do it takes about 4 Appearance and size are required and drawings consistent, so close to the final prototype, get the structure of the hand with the motherboard and battery, this is a real mobile phone, do not be happy too early, carefully check the size of the parts, see the assembly there is no problem, there is no improvement can make production more convenient and fast, Now be careful about the future of the mold smooth point.

11, mold review

  The structure of the prototype system does not need 4 days, this time we can ID process labeling, BOM and 3D drawing materials to the customer, the scheme company and selected mold factory for evaluation, the price of plastic parts can not be less, and preferably into STP format, only convenient quote, inconvenient to do other uses. BOM is also only for plastic parts, so as to avoid the error price. The above information is only sent to the customer, by the customer to contact the supplier, usually the design company does not intervene in the customer's business this piece. Eight, structural design optimization, now we can calm down to their own structural design optimization, design plans to become products, There are a lot of problems we need to think and prevent, such as whether the surface hardware needs grounding, how to fit the motherboard with the shell, how to increase the strength of the shell, how to improve the mold making and so on. Nine, structure review each structural engineer made out of the design, always have their own problems can not be found, need other engineers to check, Where the position is different, the angle of observation is not the same, the judgement will also have a difference, the wrong to change, there is doubt to take out the people to discuss, You can make the drawing level a step further. First review by another structural design engineer on the drawings, the preliminary examination takes about half a day to the beginning, need to the drawings in turn from the appearance, program evaluation, shell components, lower shell components, surface technology, mold feasibility, to the production assembly sequence one by one to conduct a comprehensive inspection, and the problem points recorded. and ---Collective assessment, the collective review is the structure of the full staff and related ID designers to participate in the meeting, the preliminary examination of the issues listed, we express their views, unified understanding, not only to ensure that the issued drawings can represent the highest standards of the company, but also for structural design engineers to provide a learning opportunity to improve in Shenzhen, The larger the design company, the more emphasis on the role of collective assessment. 10, the structure of the hand of the front of the structure to do a good job, but also just on paper, structural design needs to be verified by the physical, the structure of the hand to play the role of the verification structure, the structure of the hand of the data including ID process annotation, BOM and Of course, or to turn into STP format), the structure of the prototype system needs about 4 days, the appearance and size of the requirements and drawings consistent, so close to the final prototype, get the structure of the hand with the motherboard and battery, this is a real mobile phone, do not be happy too early, carefully check the part size, see the assembly there is no problem There is no improvement can make production more convenient and quick, now carefully point to the future of the mold is smooth. 11, mold Review structure of the system do not need to do 4 days, this time we can ID process labeling, BOM and 3D drawing materials to the customer, the scheme company and selected mold factory for review, the review generally requires 1 ' 2 days, if the customer has their own technical force can be checked, the scheme company can be the antenna signal to accept the possible problems to evaluate, the mold factory will be to make the mould to do possible problems to make some improvement suggestions, and will improve feedback to the design company. Necessary, the customer together with the design company and the mold factory to discuss the improvement of the mold factory, open mold need to pay attention to the problems can be proposed, design companies and mold factory controversial issues by the customer to make the final decision, the results of the discussion three copies of the customer, the design company and the mold plant to save showings, the design company according to the results Issue a formal open mold diagram, which includes the final ID process callout, BOM and 3D drawings.

12. Project follow-up during casting

Plastic parts Open Mold need 18 days or so, is not this period of nothing to do it is of course not, mobile phone suppliers in addition to plastic parts, there are buttons, hardware, lenses, nickel, batteries, pens, accessories and so on, as long as this phone on the use of, As well as not less. Because these parts of the development cycle than plastic pieces of short, we can use the plastic parts open mold This period of time to quote, proofing and open mold. Because of the button, metal mold time also to 14 days or so, some companies also have plastic parts, keys, hardware, the project progress of synchronous practice. Relatively inexpensive excipients, can be contracted to the mold factory to buy Before the goods in the material (such as foam, double-sided adhesive paper) affixed to the designated position on the shell, which greatly simplifies the subsequent assembly of the whole process.

13. Tryout and Mold Modification

or plastic parts as an example to explain that the test and mold modification is a supplier to complete the tooling after the plastic parts and mold repair, to meet the design requirements. Customers in the test mold before the other parts of the sample, try to mold together with the structural design engineer to go to the mold factory, structural design engineers to all parts of the product inspection and installation inspection, Single product inspection including appearance defects inspection and dimensional inspection, the actual installation inspection is to put all the accessories in accordance with the production of practical assembly sequence to be installed, Identify the problem. All issues are listed in turn, and the mold factory to coordinate, determine the improvement program, improve time and improve the responsibility of the design company and the mold factory has a controversial issue by the customer to make the final decision, the discussion results of the signature of three copies of the customer, the design company and the mold plant to save showings, the design company according to the results of the discussion The mold drawing, the modification diagram includes the modification part detailed text explanation, needs to change the mold part the 3D drawing. The part of the 3D drawing that requires a change of the mold must be marked in red. The problem of changing the mold is not to be omitted.

14. Trial production

After the improvement of the sample to repeat the test of the process of testing, but this test on the mold, the shell and other exterior accessories can be done on the surface treatment (such as the ID of the process map on the surface of the fuel injection, UV, oxidation, drawing, screen printing, electroplating, laser engraving) and then the actual installation, if the actual installation is correct You can run a trial run. Trial production can be found in a small number of installed problems, the number of trials is generally 50~100, in accordance with the production of the actual arrangement of assembly lines to assemble, during the trial, the customer together with the structural design engineers to assemble the factory, by the structural design engineers to explain the assembly sequence and attention matters, The PE engineers of the assembly plant arrange the arrangement of the production line, and instruct the operator to correct the operation technique and judging standard. The amount of prenatal PE engineers need to complete each assembly station work instruction book. Assembly factory in order to be concise, accessories already by the mold factory affixed to the shell, the hardware has been hot melt from the mold to the shell, assembly plant as long as the shell loaded into the key, motherboard, shell, lock screws, installed lenses, the final test, packaging can be. The problems found during the trial run are recorded by the structural design engineer and, if necessary, modified by the structural design engineer, including a detailed textual description of the modified part, The 3D drawings of the parts need to be modified. The parts of the 3D drawing required to be modified should be marked in red. Notify relevant suppliers to improve, and follow up the modification process and change the results of the mold, after the completion of the modification can enter the production stage.

XV, Mass production

After many times of argumentation, modification, inspection, modification, structural design engineer hard work is coming out, all the problems in the amount of prenatal has been solved, if there is no problem, the production process can not require the participation of structural design engineers, in accordance with the current market prices, General price at 500 yuan left of the mobile phone sales of more than 10K, customers can recover costs, and more orders, Customers will be able to make a profit. After the product is listed, according to the market, the customer may propose some changes, the structural design Engineer will respond accordingly. To see their own design of the mobile phone in the market hot buy, that feeling like their children are praised like, comfortable extremely.

Decryption of mobile phone production process

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