Deep cooperation between Microsoft and Red Hat: helping enterprises more easily deploy containers

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Deep cooperation between Microsoft and Red Hat: helping enterprises more easily deploy containers
As early as 2015, Microsoft had reached a cooperation with Red Hat to develop cloud-based solutions for the enterprise market. Two years later, the two sides began closer cooperation in various aspects of the enterprise market. Today, the two companies once again announced that they would help enterprises deploy containers more conveniently.

The cooperation between the two parties includes Red Hat OpenShift deployed on Microsoft Azure, Windows Server native supported on the Red Hat OpenShift container platform, and SQL Server native supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenShift.

Red Hat and Microsoft said it was very difficult to merge the container platform, so the working status was greatly improved by deploying OpenShift on Azure. Engineers from both parties worked together to optimize OpenShift Dedicated on the Microsoft cloud platform, which will be available in early 2018.

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