[Deepin] Want to be an efficient web developer? Let's take a look at what Daniel has to share-plus some of his own understanding.

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Inadvertently browse to this article, found that this article, whether for novice programmers, or a few years of learning programmers, are very helpful. So, in this share, there are some of my own understanding, hoping to help more friends .

As a soft (KU) (BI) (DE) process (MA) (Nong), do you feel you have no time to do anything? No time to learn new things, no time to review, collation of the original written code, no time to write unit test, no time for the guy who took over your project to write documents, no time to think, no time to gasp, no! When Room

The amount of ... If you take the time to read this article, I'm sure you'll understand where you should spend your time.

I used to think that the only way to become a technology Daniel is to learn and work hard. The idea almost ruined me. The body is getting worse and more estranged from family and friends, and soon I can't hold on. Then I began to reflect, found that their own time is extremely unreasonable, and gradually realized the following 5 reasons, which let oneself from that high-pressure state of liberation.

don't learn new things because you are afraid of being outdated.

There is no doubt that a good developer is always learning. True, the old technology will eventually be eliminated. But the new technology will someday become old. Therefore, it is not necessary to blindly pursue the latest technology.

On average every 37 seconds a new standard or framework is born, and you can't learn them all. Many new technologies, frameworks or new features are not necessary for you, and you don't need to know them. Truly valuable technology needs to be polished by the community and market for a while. It companies often focus on developing technologies that are right for them, and no company is going to let its code fit a whole new frame with a pat on the forehead. So you don't have to worry too much about being laid off because of some new technology. What you need to focus on is these three categories of knowledge, prioritized as follows:

(1) Foundation . The foundation is the most serious. Once you have mastered a basic knowledge, you can quickly master its related technologies. For example, if you are familiar with JavaScript, then any frame based on JavaScript will not fail you. If you have mastered object-oriented programming, you can quickly master a new object-oriented language. A deep learning base can greatly improve your learning efficiency.

(2) the latest version of your commonly used technology . The technology you usually use most is your Iron bowl. If they have a new version, then you need to take the time to learn.

(3) technology respected by large companies . If a very well-known company (such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft) has released a new technology and is constantly maintaining it, then this technology deserves your attention. There were hundreds of very hot JavaScript frames in the community, and angular and react took their limelight instantly.

Plan your study time well and schedule a time to study every day. This period of time is not necessarily long, even if only 25 minutes can make you grow.

It takes more time to write efficient code than normal code .

When you run through the program and discover the implementation of the feature, you feel that the work is done, but it is not. Implementing a new feature, in addition to writing new code, includes adjustments and optimizations for existing code in other parts related to the feature. When you find that part of your time is spent on the design of a perfect code, you will have fewer errors in the long run.

To reduce your code errors and optimize your design, you need to be aware of the following two points:

(1) prepare the test environment first and then develop again . Configure the test function first, and then write code that conforms to the test criteria. This will not only reduce the production of bugs but also optimize your code thinking, because you are writing code in strict compliance with more reasonable and normative standards. This will make your code concise and efficient.

(2) iterate through your work rather than step into place . Don't take the time to refine it before your code realizes its requirements. You will never be able to keep your code in perfect condition. Your first priority is to have your code complete the specified functionality. Often developers make these two mistakes: either they spend too much time thinking and don't have enough time to do it, or they don't spend a lot of time designing the original solution. Following Kent Beck's words:

"Let it take effect first, let it work correctly, and finally make it more efficient."

It's not going to make you a good time, but a reasonable schedule is the most important thing.

This experience stems from my own lessons. I used to work frantically to keep my boss and clients happy. I'm afraid to say "no" and don't want to disappoint anyone else. I did my best to get the job done, had a lot of caffeine to work all night, and got sleepy and slept directly on my desk.

At first I was a model for the whole company. I get the boss's appreciation and feel the scenery is boundless, the future is bright. This not-so-long excesses made others expect me too much, and soon I couldn't hold on. As a result, my body collapsed, often sick, delayed the work. The people of the company became no longer trusting me.

Then I realized that the real best was the people who were always reliable. What they promised will be done. To be such a person you must carefully plan your time.

You have to take control of your time and finish your work in high quality when the agreed deadlines are about to arrive. It can be difficult to do this at first, because you need to say no to tasks beyond your ability.

At first, your boss and clients may not be too concerned about you. But once you build a credible and trustworthy reputation, everything is different. As time goes by, other developers will become less reliable, and you will stand out as a team leader. That's how I became an industry leader. I have well coordinated my time and adjusted the expectations of others, thus establishing a good reputation for quality and efficiency.

not all the pay will be rewarded

Spending time is also an investment. As with other investments, you are looking forward to a return on your investment and a return on the basis of your return.

I mentioned earlier that " let it take effect first, let it work correctly, and finally make it more efficient ." But do not misunderstand, the "right" here does not mean perfect, "efficient" does not mean the pursuit of the ultimate. "Right" means that your code is capable of accurately functioning and easy to maintain. "Efficient" means that the user experience is not affected. The key point is that your app will make the user feel fast.

Therefore, do not dwell on optimizing a function that is essentially unused, and do not modify a function that is already faster than the blink of an eye (about 300 milliseconds) in order to save only a few milliseconds. Don't rewrite the code that you wrote earlier that was correct and structurally complete, because you learned a new technique or method.

working according to schedule can make you more efficient.

At first I had a hard time understanding this. Can you be productive by not devoting all your energy to your work? Well, it's true. Allison Gabriel is an assistant professor of management at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he studies job needs and employee motivation. "A lot of research suggests that people have limited cognitive abilities and that when you're constantly consuming your power, you don't get the best job," she says. When you are squeezed out by yourself, your efficiency will drop sharply. ”

Never work at a very stressful time, especially when you are very tired and in a bad mood. These unsettling factors can distract you from both the physical and mental aspects of your work and reduce your productivity.

The human brain's self-control is like a resource, and when you are self-controlling, the resource is consumed in part. If your self-control is consumed in large quantities, you cannot concentrate, and you will not be able to work efficiently.

Whether you like it or not, your body and mind need a time to rest. It is therefore time to schedule a break in the daily schedule. Take the time to rest in strict accordance with the timetable, no more, no less, so that you can take full rest while not feeling guilty. Specifying a definite break time allows you to work more freely, because you know you have time to rest instead of endless work.


Knowing these five experiences, I'm sure you understand how you should arrange your time. Arrange your study, work and rest time reasonably, make a detailed schedule and follow it strictly. Learn what you should learn, spend time on some necessary work, and take a rest when you rest. I hope you can also make a mark in your field and become a real Daniel.

Above except preface is reproduced, original link:

Igeekbar "Want to be an efficient web developer?" Take a look at Daniel's shared experience.

My understanding:

Read the above article carefully, a little summary of this article. The above article says 5 experiences, namely:

1. Do not learn new things because you are afraid of being outdated.

I think more accurately, in fact, should be: Do not fear that they are outdated and to learn all the new things/technology.

A person's energy and life is always limited, as previously said: On average every 37 seconds will be born a new standard or framework.

Let's just mention that this is a standard or framework that is born every 37 seconds, not all of which can be learned, much less a concept of such a large programming language. Because of our limited energy and life, we must learn to learn and choose.

The above summarizes the small 3 points, that is: basic , the latest version of common technology , the technology respected by large companies .

2. It takes more time to write efficient code than normal code.

How to write efficient code, in my understanding, this is not a one-time, this needs to accumulate, oneself usually write code, need to pay attention to the code of the efficiency of the problem.

When the level is limited, we don't have to pursue efficiency. You should pay attention to this problem after you raise the level. After completing the complete function with our own code, we can further refine the code that is already complete.

Or preferably the first to design a good project, the development of the later and error-checking is very helpful.

Because of their own level is currently limited, can not make more understanding. Forgive me ~

3, the hours of work will not let you become a leader, reasonable timing is the most important

Even if we do not want to work hard, only 24 hours a day, and you can learn, remove the need to eat and sleep sports, individuals feel that a day can have about 10 hours of accumulated learning time, then, adhere to, every month you can see your obvious progress.

Reasonable time, this is also very important, the individual does not like all dependent on the plan to act, after all, there will always be a little accident. But proper planning is still necessary.

For example, what to learn and how to learn this day. Learn what to finish in a week. What to do this month, and so on, I think that although no detailed plan, but, at least, understand what to do, what should be learned. But not completely with the sex, think of what to do and what to do, and then to the end, nothing really good.

4, not all the pay will be rewarded

As the headline says, not all pay will be rewarded, accurately speaking, this is a philosophy of life. I believe that you have some understanding of this, I will no longer explain.

5, according to the timetable to work can make you more efficient

Timetable this thing, pretty good. But it's best not to divide the time into thin.

It's probably good to be divided. And the schedule of things, do not feel free to change, it may be a beginning to work according to the timetable, it is difficult, but persist, whether it is the effect of learning or other such as the effect of exercise will be very obvious.

Finally-I understand that if there is something inappropriate, please point out.

This article is written by [understand the memory], all rights reserved.
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[Deepin] Want to be an efficient web developer? Let's take a look at what Daniel has to share-plus some of his own understanding.

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