Delphi BPL, DCP, DCU file meaning (BPL equivalent to C + + DLL,DCP equivalent to Lib in C + +, compile-time required)

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BPL English full name Borland Package library is a special DLL file that is used for code reuse and for reducing executables. When compiling BPL, you only need to add the appropriate PAS file for the feature, and if you have a form, you need to add the DFM file. Since it is a DLL file, that is the file that is required at run time. BPL equivalent to DLLs in C + +

DCP English full Name: Delphi compiled package, is the package compiled with BPL produced, recording the package in the public class, procedure, function, variable, const .... And so on the names and relative addresses. If a control package a refers to control package B, when control package a compiles, a control package B.DCP is required, and if the control package B has been modified to change the exposed interface, control package a must be recompiled after the control package B is compiled to reference the new B.DCP. Otherwise, an error occurs when the control package A executes to the content that references the auto-control package B. The DCP is equivalent to Lib in C + + and is required at compile time.

DCU English Full Name: Delphi Compiled unit file, which is a file generated by the Delphi unit files. pas file, does not feel much use.

Delphi Engineering Group Add a DLL and BPL

As shown, add an icon for the DLL and BPL.

At the same time, create a new BPL project, by default, its icon has a gear at the bottom right, indicating that can be installed in the Delphi public directory, right-click Project, there will be the install option. Can be selected in the project Properties-description-runtion only, set the project icon in the lower right corner of the gear can disappear, not installed in the Delphi public directory.

DLLs and BPL rely on the correct use of other BPL

DLL relies on other BPL, project properties-packages-tick build with runtime packages, then enter dependent BPL.
BPL relies on other BPL, right--view source in the keyword requires, input dependent BPL.

Delphi BPL, DCP, DCU file meaning (BPL equivalent to C + + DLL,DCP equivalent to Lib in C + +, compile-time required)

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