Deploy the Problem and Solution of Oracle10GRAC on VirtualBox

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Deploy the Problem and Solution of Oracle10GRAC on VirtualBox

Problem and Solution for deploying Oracle 10g rac on VirtualBox

Host OS: Win7

Virtual Machine: Virtual Box 4.3.6

Virtual Machine OS: Oracle Linux 5.1 _ x86_64

Database software: Oracle 10G _ x86_64

Cluster software: 10201_clusterware_linux_x86_64.cpio.gz

Database Upgrade Patch Set: Linux x86-64

Opatch version:

OEMbug fix Patch: (this is a common patch for all platforms)

I. Problems During cluster software installation:

1. Run root. sh on RAC2 and the following error message is displayed:


Perform the following operations on the RAC2 node:

1. Modify the srvctl and vipca files in the $ ORA_CRS_HOME/bin directory and add the unset LD_ASSUME_KERNEL statement after the export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL line of the vipca file and the srvctl file before the ARGUMENTS = "" line.
2. Use the oifcfg tool in the $ ORA_CRS_HOME/bin directory to configure public ip and private ip

RAC2 # cd/u01/app/oracle/products/10.2/crs_1/bin
RAC2 #./oifcfg iflist
RAC2 #./oifcfg setif-global eth0/ public
RAC2 #./oifcfg setif-global eth1/ cluster_interconnect

3. Run vipca manually as the root user, select eth0, enter the IP address Alias Name, and configure the correct vip address.

2. manually execute./vipca with the following error prompt:


Edit the/etc/hosts file and add the red content:

3. After vipca is executed, continue the cluster installation and the following error is prompted:


I have successfully executed orainstRoot as root on two nodes. sh, And the directory actually exists. In fact, this is/etc/oraInst. for how to set the ACL of the loc file, run chmod 644/etc/oraInst in meta-link. after loc, the problem is fixed again.

4. the following error is prompted during the last step:

View the log content as follows:


When the cluster is installed to the last step, the above error occurs. Some people say that this step seems to require ons and other services to be configured. VIPCA has already configured and all services are available, therefore, the configuration error occurs. In short, I skipped the error because I did not solve the problem by referring to many methods on the Internet.

Finally, run crs_stat-t on the two nodes. The crs status is online. The cluster installation is complete.

Check the crs status.

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