Describes how to implement communication between Linux and host machines.

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Although many people are using Linux, many users may not be able to solve the Linux problem. Communication between Linux and the host machine is still quite common. So I studied the communication between Linux and the host machine and shared it with you here. I hope it will be useful to you.

1. cd/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/

2. ls-a to view all files under the current directory; and catifcfg-eth0 to view ifcfg-eth0 content

3. there are only three simple lines in my ifcfg-eth0, there is no ip-related information, so edit its content, viifcfg-eth0, edit by insert, edit the content as follows the first three lines are originally there ):
Then ESC exits the editing status, shift: Enter wq to exit

4. in this case, you must restart the NIC: cd/etc/rc. d/init. d. Enter. /networkrestart: the following error message is displayed when you restart the NIC: "eth0 is deciding the ip address of eth0 on the pop-up page... failed: no link. Check the cable?" In this case, you can change BOOTPROTO = dhcp to BOOTPROTO = static, and then repeat the above steps.

5. ifconfig: the modified ip address is displayed.

6. ping192.168.1.100 (host machine ip address), OK!

7. Under the host machine, ping192.168.1.101 (VM ip address), OK!

In this way, you can implement communication between Linux and the host machine.

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