Description of four operation solutions for implementing DB2 9 Management Software Installation

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This article mainly tells you about the installation of the DB2 9 Management Software in four operation solutions. The following is a detailed description of the article, I hope you will have a better understanding of it after browsing.,The following describes the four methods.

DB2 Installation Wizard

Graphical interface wizard installation in Linux, Unix, and Windows operating systems is very useful for users who first install DB2 9. The Installation Wizard provides an easy-to-use installation interface, which simplifies operations such as database performance adjustment and optimization tasks after installation. The Installation Wizard can also be used to generate a database instance and describe the installation configuration file. In Unix or Linux environments, the installation wizard must be supported by the x server software.

Db2_install installation script

This script installation method can only be used in a Linux or Unix environment, and Windows does not support script installation. This method provides more fine-grained control over the installation process. However, this method cannot create database users and groups, create database instances, or configure after installation.

Description Configuration File Installation

The configuration file is a text file that contains the steps required for installation and configuration of DB2 9, the DB2 9 installer reads the preset installation values in the description configuration file for installation. You can use the following methods to generate the installation Description configuration file: 1. on Windows, you can use the description file generator. 2. use the DB2 Installation Wizard to generate 3. modify the sample file provided in the product package.

This installation method is conducive to the distributed installation of the DB2 client. For example, you can first install a DB2 client and complete the configuration, and then generate a description configuration file, then install and copy similar clients. You can also use the db2cfexp command to output the installation configuration profile of the DB2 client software and server software.

Manual Installation

This installation method is only recommended to senior experts. It requires the installer to unpack and extract the installation parts from more than 970 packages. Because it is too complex, it is not recommended for junior users. The above content is an introduction to the four methods for installing the DB2 9 management software. I hope you will find some gains.

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The above content describes the four methods for installing the DB2 9 management software, hoping to help you in this regard.

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