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This article mainly describes IBM DB2 business intelligence software. We all know about the data collected by enterprises, the analysis of business data, the implementation of intelligent decision management, and the discovery of customer purchase models and their influencing factors, developing these resources and achieving strong competitive advantages is the purpose of business intelligence software.

IBM is committed to providing customers with solutions to solve their business problems, thus helping enterprises transform to on-demand. IBM DB2 Data Warehouse Edition is an integrated component and feature package that provides enterprises with a Data repository and all the tools required to create a Data Warehouse.

Based on the traditional Enterprise Base, Enterprise, and Developer Edition, IBM has added three versions of Enterprise data warehouse products: Starter, Intermediate, and Advanced Edition, enables enterprises to build business intelligence systems suitable for organizations of all sizes, and enables their systems to grow as needed.

IBM DB2 Data Warehouse Edition combines an integrated, scalable Warehouse platform with a wide range of easy-to-use Warehouse-based analysis. It manages data warehouses through flexible, scalable (plug-ins) and easy-to-use Eclipse environments, and uses the Eclipse-based SQL data warehouse workbench, it facilitates modeling, design, and implementation of analysis structures in the warehouse, and helps fill and maintain the warehouse.

IBM DB2 business intelligence software uses integrated analysis to directly perform predictive analysis (data mining) and online multi-dimensional analysis (OLAP) on the data in the warehouse without extracting data to a specific analysis warehouse.

Use Analysis to call optimized Warehouse objects for custom Business Intelligence (BI) for Web-based applications (built using alphabrov, included in Data Warehouse Edition ), or any IBM Business Partner BI tool that connects to DB2.

From self-service reporting to complex decision making systems, DB2 Data Warehouse Edition V9.1.2 (DB2 Warehouse 9) provides the basis for integrated components, allows organizations to easily model, define, build, analyze, mine, and manage data warehouses and data marketplaces. DB2 Warehouse 9 is the basis for on-demand response information, allowing organizations to restructure their businesses based on the enterprise size and actual information. By delivering business insights to the right people in the decision-making phase, it can help enterprises maximize the value of information assets.

Advanced Edition targets large small and medium-sized enterprises, especially enterprise and department customers who need up to 2 TB Linux Data Warehouses. They are in a 1000-PVU environment (one or more nodes) use partner BI applications and analysis tools. If the user data exceeds 2 TB, the Enterprise Edition must be deployed through the purchase authorization.

Data Warehouse Edition V9.1.2 value-added packages for Warehouse tools and infrastructure continue to be enhanced. The new project includes support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 on x86 (32-bit), AMD64 (64-bit), and EM64T (64-bit; sun Solaris 10 (64-bit) is supported on UltraSPARC; HP-UX is supported on Itanium Integrity Series (64-bit); Design Studio and Its installer are supported on Linux.

The above content is an introduction to the IBM DB2 business intelligence software. I hope you will get something better.

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