Description of main directory features in Linux root directory

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/bin: Store The most commonly used commands;

/boot: Start Linux core files;

/dev: Equipment files;

/ETC: Storage of various configuration files;

/home: Directory of Household heads;

/lib: The most basic dynamic link sharing library;

/MNT: Generally empty, used to temporarily mount other file systems;

/proc: Virtual directory, is the mapping of memory;

/sbin: System administrator commands storage directory;

/usr: The largest directory, save applications and documents;

/usr/x11r6:x-window directory;

/usr/src:linux source code;

/usr/include: System header file;

/usr/lib: Store commonly used dynamic link sharing library, static archives;

/usr/bin,/usr/sbin: This is a supplement to/bin,/sbin;

Another way to say it:

/bin binary Executable command

/dev Device Special files

/ETC System Management and configuration files

/ETC/RC.D boot configuration files and scripts

/home user home directory, such as the user's home directory is/home/user, you can use ~user Express

/lib Standard Programming Library, also known as the dynamic Link shared library, functions like a. dll file in Windows

/sbin System Management commands, where the Administrator program is used by the system administrators

/tmp temporary file storage point for public

/root system Administrator's home directory (hehe, privileged Class)

The/MNT system provides this directory to allow users to temporarily mount other file systems.

/lost+found This directory is usually empty, the system is not normal shutdown and leave the "Homeless" files (Windows under the name. chk) right here.

/proc virtual directory, which is the mapping of system memory. You can access this directory directly to obtain system information.

/var some large-file overflow areas, such as log files for various services

The largest directory in/USR, the applications and files to be used are almost always in this directory. which contains:

/USR/X11R6 the directory where x window is stored

/usr/bin a wide range of applications

/usr/sbin Some management programs for super users

/usr/doc Linux Documentation

/usr/include Linux to develop and compile the header files needed for the application

/usr/lib commonly used dynamic-link libraries and package configuration files

/usr/man Help Document

/USR/SRC source code, the Linux kernel code is placed in the/usr/src/linux

/usr/local/bin locally added command

/usr/local/lib locally added libraries

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