Detailed description of the "machine Learning enthusiast" project and its website by Dr. Huanghai

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have been standing behind the scenes, and some things all the ins and outs only I know, because I and Dr. Huanghai, NetEase Cloud class, Professor Wunda and Coursera GTC translation platform, official have had exchanges, so I still have to leave something as a description, Save everyone in the network every day noisy ah did not calm down to study seriously. As mentioned in this article, I have a chat record to support, some of the authorized information to retain the e-Mail records, considering that privacy is not disclosed herein. So if someone asks questions, you can send me an email asking for more information. If there are still people on the Internet to publish some related, but no nutrition only for Bo people eyeball content, I will send the information to the affected Party, let them have evidence to defend.

Restore event procedures by timeline

Professor Wunda's "machine learning" course was launched in Coursera, and later on the official website, the Chinese subtitles were not satisfactory. Shell net Netizen "small v_" spontaneously to part of the video was translated, a period of time after Dr. Huanghai and in the big Laboratory of the Division Brothers in the other video subtitle translation, and combined with "little v_" subtitles suppressed into MKV format, Posted on the Web platform for other people to get subtitles and video files. Thanks to the accumulation of popularity, Dr. Huanghai has now three "machine learning enthusiasts" of 2000 people Exchange Group. I entered the group in July 17, at this time the video can only be obtained through the Baidu Network, due to the rise of Bilibili network platform and free of charge, I asked whether Dr. Huanghai can upload the video to B station for everyone to watch, that is, B station is still retained the "machine learning" video project, he personally said no authorization, As follows:

As for the concurrent production of the "machine learning personal Notes" project, read the video should know, in fact, through the original Chinese subtitles and video, the video content is integrated, the purpose is to facilitate everyone to watch.

Less than one months later, the "deep learning" special course in Coursera on-line, if not paid, you can only get the video content, programming jobs can not be unlocked. But the video still does not have Chinese subtitles, so in QQ group, I asked Huang Bo whether can organize group of friends to "deep learning" subtitle translation. Huang Bo said that before participating in the "machine learning" translation QQ group is still in, but most of the time, so the follow-up of the whole translation volunteer recruitment and task arrangements, quality control are my management, Huang Bo is responsible for the QQ large group update dynamic, and the SRT subtitle and MP4 video package into the MKV format video files:

After some time, B station uploaded video in the knowledge of the infringement. Dr. Huanghai in the group said that the B station video is not his upload, and he has no connection (this kind of attitude is very annoying to me, but indeed the video upload B station is my proposition, and no one in the big group know is I manage translation team), and said that everyone continue to download the updated video through the Baidu Cloud. At the same time, the volunteer translation group Progress stopped, I was a person under great pressure of public opinion, began to seek legal solutions. First of all, the first time to find Coursera related projects, joined their volunteer group, gave a temporary cooperative translation program: Https:// However, the Coursera use of online translation tools often problems, the volunteers are not good to spit slot. Later NetEase's staff found me, said the "deep learning" course of domestic copyright has been bought by them, see how to deal with more appropriate. I think, there is a way to solve, this is very good!

At that time, relying on Dr. Huanghai's call to organize volunteers, through my published QQ online document control overall progress, "deep learning" course just in Coursera on-line when only the first three lessons, and NetEase as a Chinese agent has got all the contents of the five courses, and has been quietly translated inside. And then the group of volunteers produced subtitles only completed the first three lessons, directly let NetEase online on OK. So please note, now NetEase's "deep learning engineer" subtitle is exactly what they did before the independent translation, and did not refer to or copy the QQ Group Subtitle Group caption File this statement.

After the incident, we were all very happy, Dr. Huang began to organize people in the group to make "deep learning study Notes", from this beginning I have not participated in their projects. However, the notes are similar to the "machine learning personal notes" video with subtitles excerpts.

NetEase in the "deep learning" copyright, but also obtained the old "machine learning" video copyright, so this course also need to go online, considering that Dr. Huang has been translated, so we asked if he can provide the original English subtitles.

Because the original machine learning subtitles very bad (b station version), and NetEase is more concerned about quality, so re-pay for a group of people to make translation improvements, which is now in the NetEase cloud classroom can be found in the "Wunda machine learning" video. Specific two versions of the difference is how big, we can compare themselves.

Detailed description of the "machine Learning enthusiast" project and its website by Dr. Huanghai

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