Details about JSON parsing in Python

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The JSON function needs to be imported into the JSON Library importjson. Function description json. dumps: encodes a Python object into a JSON string json. loads... JSON function

To use the JSON function, you must import the json Library: import json.

Function description

Json. dumps encodes a Python object into a JSON string

Json. loads decodes the encoded JSON string into a Python object

Json. dumps


Json. dumps (obj, skipkeys = False, ensure_ascii = True, check_circular = True, allow_nan = True, cls = None, indent = None, separators = None, encoding = "UTF-8 ", default = None, sort_keys = False, ** kw)


The following example encodes arrays into JSON data:

#!/usr/bin/pythonimport jsondata = {'number': 6, 'name': 'Pythontab'}jsonData = json.dumps(data)print jsonData

The code execution result is:

{"number": 6, "name": "Pythontab"}

Note: You may find that the data has not changed after the preceding conversion. here we will talk about the following: double quotation marks are the string separator marked in json. single quotation marks are not standard.

Sort JSON data and format the output using parameters:

#!/usr/bin/pythonimport jsondata = {'number': 6, 'name': 'Pythontab'}jsonData = json.dumps(data, sort_keys=True, indent=4, separators=(',', ': '))print jsonData

Output result

{    "name": "Pythontab",    "number": 6}

Conversion from the original python type to the json type table:

Python JSON
Dict Object
List, tuple Array
Str, unicode String
Int, long, float Number
True True
False False
None Null

Json. loads

Json. loads is used to decode JSON data. This function returns the data type of the Python field.


Json. loads (s [, encoding [, cls [, object_hook [, parse_float [, parse_int [, parse_constant [, object_pairs_hook [, ** kw])


The following example shows how Python decodes a JSON object:

#!/usr/bin/pythonimport jsonjsonData = '{"number": 6, "name": "Pythontab"}'str = json.loads(jsonData)print str

The code execution result is:

{u'number': 6, u'name': u'Pythontab'}

Json type conversion to python type table:

JSON Python
Object Dict
Array List
String Unicode
Number (int) Int, long
Number (real) Float
True True
False False
Null None

Use a third-party library: Demjson

Demjson is a third-party python module library that can be used to encode and decode JSON data. it contains the formatting and validation functions of JSONLint.

Github address:

Environment configuration

Before using Demjson to encode or decode JSON data, we need to install the Demjson module.

Method 1: install with source code

$ Tar-xvzf demjson-2.2.4.tar.gz

$ Demjson-2.2.4 cd

$ Python setup. py install

Method 2: install using pip directly

Pip install Demjson

JSON Functions

Function description

Encode encodes a Python object into a JSON string

Decode can use the demjson. decode () function to decode JSON data. This function returns the data type of the Python field.

Encode syntax

Demjson. encode (self, obj, nest_level = 0)

Decode syntax

Demjson. decode (self, txt)

It is very easy to use, so I will not give an example here ~~

The above is a detailed explanation of the Python JSON parsing content. For more information, see other related articles in the first PHP community!

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