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Python is a common programming language and soon becomes a necessity for every self-respecting programmer. Python has countless Web frameworks. from basic minor architectures to complete architectures, they have their own advantages. So you are going to use it for some web development, but before exploring the details, let's start from scratch. PythonIt is a general programming language and soon becomes a necessity for every self-respecting programmer.

Python has countless Web frameworks. from basic minor architectures to complete architectures, they have their own advantages. So you are going to use it for some web development, but before exploring the details, let's start from scratch.

Learning the basics of Python

Up to now, Python has two versions. 2.7.5 and 3.3 are currently stable Python versions. It doesn't matter which learning you choose, because the difference is very small-especially for beginners. But you should know that although Python 2 has a lot of third-party support, Python 3 is the focus of design language developers, and many third-party support has not been transplanted to Python 3. You need to make a decision on this option. However, learning any new language is a daunting task. finding the right place and people and learning from it is half the success. This is the use of this guide. Making Python simple, interesting, and easy to learn is your blueprint.

For beginners, the biggest difference between Python 2 and Python 3 is that Python 2 does not require brackets when using print, but Python 3 does.

1. Codecademy python course

Codecademy has done a great job by combining python courses, which is very useful for beginners to get started with Python.

2. ScreenCasts

For beginners, there are some great screenshots.

Some screenshots that I refer to when learning python are:

  • ShowMeDo's Python Screencasts

  • TheNewBoston's Python Programming Tutorials

The two tutorials are excellent. you can even write scripts after learning these two series. We recommend that you watch the tutorials for free and a great resource for your future reference.

3. official Python website

Of course, there is no better resource than the official documentation. But it is not recommended for beginners, because the concepts involved are more in-depth and advanced, but it is still the best resource.

With this, you will have some python knowledge and know how to process things in python.

Read some books

There are excess free high-quality e-books to choose from. The following quick list lists some of the best books. You can download their electronic versions for free, or if you want to support authors, you can also choose to purchase paper books (or donate). I believe they will be very grateful for this method.

Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

Think Python involves a little more theoretical knowledge. This may be frustrating for beginners, but this book's knowledge about algorithm principles and advanced concepts is worth reading.

Invent With Python

If "learning and doing" is your way, building your own game will be a very worthwhile experience! In this book, AI Sweigart assumes that you do not have the knowledge of Python and lead you to build your own games.

Familiar with StackOverFlow

StackOverFlow is not just a "newbie" error and problem. some very intelligent and helpful people are also using this website-learn from them!

For example, let's take a look at the hidden feature of Python.

Many tips and tips you can see here may not be involved in many formal tutorials, but they are very useful for intermediate and advanced Python users.

Go to Web development

Now that you have completed the Python ninja training and are preparing to go deep into Ptyhon Web development, the problem is that there are a lot of frameworks and it is very difficult to select the best framework. but from the perspective of beginners, the Flask basic Web framework is very suitable for getting started with Web development, because you only need to know Python, and you have learned a lot.

After learning the Flask framework, you will know that it is very simple to create a static page. this is the next problem. Is it suitable to use it to create the next large application of web2.0? The answer is:YesYou can use Flask to create any application you want, but after many steps, you will find that you have successfully rebuilt an existing wheel, but it gives you great flexibility and strength. at first you may feel unstoppable, and this is also the choice of many beginners.DjangoAnd then changed the other frameworks in about six months.

You can read this and find out which websites are driven by Flask.

The largest site built with Flask

Although Django and Pyramid are also good at Web development, they are designed for advanced users, rather than just learning to write a few lines of python for beginners. But if you want to study Web development seriously, learning Flask is a good getting-started framework, because it does not abstract anything, nor has any magic.

Common libraries and tools


If the job you want to do is computation-intensive, you will find that Python performance is a bottleneck. in this case, you need PyPy. PyPy is a substitute for the Python interpreter, which can effectively speed up processing.

NumPy + SciPy

These two libraries are usually used together (SciPy depends on NumPy ). If you need to do some complex numerical computing or scientific research work, these two libraries will be your friends. NumPy and SciPy extend Python's mathematical functions to greatly improve your work efficiency.


As its name suggests, BeautifulSoup is indeed very elegant. If you need to parse an HTML page to obtain some information, you should know that this is very annoying. BeautifulSoup is used to do these tasks for you and save time. It is strongly recommended.

Python Image Library

The Python Image Library (PIL) is an extension Library used to process almost all Image operations. If you need to process an image, PIL can do a lot for you.

After learning about this, you can embark on your own Python path.

Some Web development libraries


SQLAlchemy is a Python tool set for SQL and object ing (ORM. It is powerful and flexible, allowing application developers to conveniently perform SQL operations.


Alembic is a lightweight database integration tool mainly used in collaboration with SQLAlchemy.


So far today, you are welcome to share your thoughts at any time.


The above is the detailed content for developing Web applications using Python. For more information, see other related articles in the first PHP community!

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