Developing test database and online examination system with ASP (6)

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Basic algorithm:

{Define the parameters, get the common limit parameters of the whole test paper, including the necessary parameters and input optional conditions to get the optional parameters}

Necessary parameter combination = A1 and A2 ~~and an; optional parameter combination = B1 OR B2 ~~or Bn;
Large number of DTS = 3 ' default for 3 major questions, small number of xts=0 ' default for 50 small questions;
If no judgment question THEN dts=dts-1 End If ' start to calculate large number of questions
If no single selection THEN dts=dts-1 End If
If no multiple-choice THEN dts=dts-1 End If

Start scanning the test questions library for the appropriate subject, get a preview of all the temporary qualifying questions, and then start selecting the questions manually to generate the paper or computer Automatic group volume.

IF match necessary parameter combination THEN
Selcect Optional Parameters
B1: Display the number and contents of the +B1 for the necessary parameters
B2: Display the number and contents of the +B2 for the necessary parameters
Bn: Show the number and contents of the +bn that meet the necessary parameters
End Selcect
End IF
IF dts>= 1 THEN
IF question number Legal then xts=xts + 1
ELSE Please enter the legal question number!
End IF
IF dts>xts THEN xts must be greater than or equal to dts!
If an existing question number is 0 THEN this type of question must have at least 1 questions!
End IF
End IF
If the question exists and scores <= 0 or fractions >100 THEN please modify!
ELSE totalfen= Totalfen +PDTF
End IF
If single topic selection exists and scores <= 0 or fractions >100 THEN please modify!
ELSE totalfen= Totalfen +DXTF
End IF
If multiple topics exist and score <= 0 or fractions >100 THEN please modify!
ELSE totalfen= Totalfen +TSTF
End IF
IF totalfen <= 0 OR Totalfen THEN
Total score is within 1---100 minutes!
End IF
ELSE the number of big questions must not be 0!
IF testtime<= 0 OR testtime>= 4 (hour) THEN
Examination time must meet 0 <testtime< 4 (hour)!
End IF
End IF
If all data are valid THEN then save the relevant information of the Test paper
End IF

There are two main sub modules:

One: Manual group volume module

The user submits the related restriction condition, by the system according to these conditions first from the big scope to call up the question, later then manually through the check button Select to produce own necessary examination paper, namely utilizes the existing question storehouse, may produce many papers. In a group of volumes, you can make and delete each question you choose, in order to adjust, and you can specify the major (small) problem scores and examination time of the test paper (the default value mentioned before). In short, can make the user completely satisfied with the test paper for online examination or testing use.

The key points of the paper are that the---has the advantages of randomness, fast speed of roll, high quality of examination papers, uniform distribution of knowledge examination point and easy control of content coverage. For example, in the mid-term exam, only the first half of the content, as long as the selection of chapter code is less than or equal to a specified value, you will not appear after half the content of the test.

Second: Computer Automatic volume module

Completely by the system automatically according to the "easy-medium-difficult" order and based on user-selected information, flexible, random extraction of questions in the library of various types of test papers, test paper content will change with the library, the test paper library has not kept the basic information and the corresponding question number, it may be called the activity of interactive paper. However, its test paper quality is not high, difficult to grasp the degree of improper, knowledge assessment point distribution is uneven, generally only for online practice use.

4. 3. 4, enter the online examination module

Entering the online examination room is one of the most important parts of the system. Because a system, if it comes to reality, must be considered very thoughtful and perfect. Candidates login, as long as the input has been edited the paper number, you can bring up their test papers for online exams or tests, the answer information through the single, check button to select answers to reflect. In order to prevent the examinee to submit the examination paper and standardize the discipline of the examination room, adopt the method of voluntarily handing in the time and the automatic collection of the stipulated times, restricting the examination time and the period and disabling the mouse to realize. But the real unsupervised test doesn't seem to be implemented with software, and its security is also important in system design. Therefore, in the design process to pay attention to the following several issues:

1, only the examinee can take the examination! 2, the exam time will be automatically handed in!

3, limit the number of submissions, temporarily provide only one opportunity! 4, prohibit users to network cheating!

The diagram above is a detailed flowchart for this module program design

4. 3. 5. Online Practice Module

The interactive test paper composed of the computer Automatic Group volume module (there is no information in the volume library to save this kind of quiz paper!) ) is a single check button to reflect the user's problem-solving information. It is mainly used in peacetime online practice, so that users understand their own deficiencies, and targeted for review and training. Therefore, after the user has finished, just click "View the Answer", can be compared with the corresponding test questions, in order to timely feedback, and did not provide performance determination and analysis and time constraints.

4. 3. 6, Grade analysis and test paper evaluation module

Candidates for each examination, the system according to the existing standard answer quickly get its score, and then according to different fractions of the difference in the comments. On the one hand, and other Tongke candidates for horizontal contrast, to obtain the differences between the candidates, on the other hand, also through the user for a period of time to participate in the Tongke test results to do a vertical comparison to explain their grasp of the subject content of the actual degree, in order to make corresponding decisions. In addition, the administrator first gives a complete set of test papers in advance evaluation, and then the system automatically based on the same test paper number of all user performance to give their actual evaluation, and all have a difficulty level, the two assessment to compare the ease of the volume and more detailed assessment.

4. 3. 7, delete the module

Throughout the system, only the system administrator has this permission. The administrator selects the user to delete, the message, the examination paper and the subject by the Check button, but for the large number of test questions storehouse by the input or the choice condition, may achieve deletes those obsolete useless question, certainly, for those who maliciously destroys the system the user, the administrator has the right to delete him, in order This ensures that the database is not very large and secure.

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