Development of mobile service system based on SQL Server CE

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Mobile service is a wide range of mobile solutions, the core of which is the use of mobile computing and wireless communication technology for enterprise Field Service personnel to provide comprehensive, convenient and real-time information services. We are now designing a mobile solution for an electrical appliance manufacturer for aftermarket maintenance services.

The basic workflow of the current aftermarket repair service for the electrical appliance manufacturer is: Customer calls to repair, call center records the user's basic information (such as name, address and telephone, etc.) and customer description of the fault information, the production of maintenance orders, maintenance service personnel to receive maintenance orders, maintenance service personnel door-to-door for customer service, Fill in the maintenance records (such as the actual failure, repair the parts used, maintenance time, etc.), customer signature recognition, repair service personnel to return the maintenance record sheet, call center telephone return customer.

The use of mobile service system after the transformation of the workflow is: Customer calls to repair, call center records the user's basic information and customer description of the fault information, the production of maintenance orders, maintenance orders directly through the wireless network to repair service personnel on the handheld equipment, repair service personnel door-to-door for customer service, In the mobile device to fill out the maintenance record sheet, the customer signed on the mobile device recognition, repair service personnel to the maintenance record form through the wireless network to the call center, call center call back to customers.

Through the comparison of the old and new processes, it can be found that the use of mobile service system will significantly improve the efficiency of service personnel, greatly shorten the response time after the customer repair, to improve the quality of after-sales service and customer satisfaction have great benefits.

Mobile Service System design Mobile database SQL Server CE

Because mobile service systems need to download maintenance orders to mobile devices and temporarily save maintenance orders on mobile devices, a database system is required on mobile devices. The Mobile database system we chose is SQL Server CE.

Microsoft SQL, Windows ce Edition (also known as SQL Server CE), is a small relational database used on mobile devices. The development of SQL Server CE from 1.0, when the. NET Technical framework is not yet applied to mobile devices, this time when you are developing database based mobile applications, using embedded Visual Tools 3.0 vb or VC + +, using OLE DB For SQL Server CE or ADOCE access to the SQL Server CE database. With the introduction of the. NET Compact Framework, SQL Server CE also introduced 2.0,2.0 to add more new features, with a significant increase in performance parameters, but more importantly, from visual Studio. NET to access the SQL Server CE database through

SQL Server CE has the following characteristics compared to other relational databases that we are familiar with:

1 When you open the SQL Server CE database, you open it by specifying the full path to its database file. For example, when you open a database using ADOCE in eVB, you can use the following form:

Dim cn as ADOCE. Connection

Set cn = CreateObject ("ADOCE.") connection.3.1 ")

cn. ConnectionString = "provider=microsoft.sqlserver.oledb.ce.2.0; Data Source=\northwind.sdf "

cn. Open

2 SQL Server CE support database Password and database file encryption

For example, when you open a database using the method in the. NET Compact Framework, you can use the following connection string:

"Data source=\northwind.sdf; Password= "

When ADOCE is used, ssce:database password connection properties must be specified in the connection string.

"PROVIDER=MICROSOFT.SQLSERVER.OLEDB.CE.2.0; Data source=\northwind.sdf; Ssce:database password= "

3 SQL Server CE also supports a large number of internal functions, including mathematical functions, string functions, and internal functions.

4 SQL Server CE 2.0 adds support for parameterized queries through

For example, when we construct an SQL statement, we can construct the following statement, and then use the mechanism to replace "? "represents the parameter. Support for parameterized queries is a new feature of SQL Server CE 2.0.

"INSERT into TableA (col1, col2) VALUES (?,?)"

5 In contrast to previous versions of SQL Server CE, another improvement in the new version is the addition of more reliable error-handling capabilities. SQL Server CE adds a new class called SqlCeException, which allows you to capture native SQL Server CE errors and handle them appropriately.

6 SQL Server CE 2.0 provides two basic ways to connect back-end SQL Server databases: RDA and merge replication. The RDA Access feature supports connections to SQL Server 7.0 (and later) databases, and merge replication requires that the backend must be SQL Server 2000.

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