Differences between php integration environment and self-configuration

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Differences between php integration environment and self-configuration: complicated configuration by yourself & nbsp; if you directly use the integration environment & nbsp; what is wrong if you want to expand in the future & nbsp; the difference between the php integration environment and your own configuration can be expanded directly in the integration environment.
Complicated configuration by yourself. if you use the integrated environment directly, what's worse?
If you want to expand it in the future, you can extend it directly in the integration environment:
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The difference is not big, because you need to modify the parameters and optimization after using the integration. if you are a newbie, you are advised to configure your own
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You can familiarize yourself with the integration environment of PHP configuration and installation ..

If there is no difference in extension, it will be the same as your own extension.

If you want to train your hands and configure your own configurations, you can directly enter the development and install the integrated environment.
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No difference
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There is no difference,
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Use integration directly ..
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The development environment is integrated into ~~ You can also use the production environment, but pay attention to disabling some unnecessary components, and pay attention to security. The other is to make a simple optimization based on the service environment.
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It is better to use a green integration environment during development.
First, no configuration is required. Second, it is easy to be carried to different hardware and software environments for testing.
The running environment is better than the original installation.
During installation, service software is usually cropped according to the environment (of course, you need to choose custom installation) to maximize the efficiency of the software.

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It seems to be relatively simple. the important thing is that you have to think about it.
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You can configure the environment by yourself. if something goes wrong, you can reconfigure it, including version update, web server replacement, and so on, once an error occurs in an integrated environment, the entire environment cannot be used. It doesn't matter if it is development.

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