Different versions of MySQL

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MySQL's website: http://www.mysql.com/downloads/

One, the selected version

1. MySQL Community Server Community version, open source is free, but does not provide official technical support.
2. MySQL Enterprise Edition is available for a fee and can be tested for 30 days.
3. MySQL Cluster Cluster Edition, open source free. Several MySQL servers can be packaged as one server.
4. MySQL Cluster CGE Premium Cluster edition, fees apply.
5. mysql Workbench (GUI tool) is a er/database modeling tool designed for MySQL. It is a successor to the famous database design tool DBDesigner4. MySQL Workbench is also divided into two versions, namely the Community Edition (MySQL Workbench OSS), the Business Edition (MySQL Workbench SE).

MySQL Community Server is open source free, which is also the version of MySQL we usually use. Broken down into multiple versions based on different operating system platforms, let's take the Windows platform as an example.

For example, download the MySQL 5.5.19 interface as follows:

We choose generally Available (GA) Release to download. GA refers to a generic version of a software, usually a formally released version.
Mysql-5.5.19-win32.msi,windows installation package, MSI installation package is completed with Msiexec installation. Under Windows, double-click the wizard to install, simple and convenient.
Mysql-5.5.19.zip, this is the Windows source file that needs to be compiled.
Mysql-5.5.19-win32.zip, this file can be used after unpacking, is compiled windows32 bit MySQL. Manual configuration is required.
With "Winx64" is the corresponding 64-bit version, under the 64-bit operating system for use.
Generally do background development, we will download Mysql-5.5.19-win32.msi.

For example, download the MySQL 5.1.60 interface as follows:

Select generally Available (GA) Release to download. GA refers to a generic version of a software, usually a formally released version.
"Essentials" is a lite version that does not contain embedded server and benchmark suite, has an automatic installer and Configuration Wizard, and does not have a MySQL document.
"Noinstall" refers to a compressed package that is not installed. Includes embedded server and benchmark suite, no automatic installer and Configuration Wizard, manual installation of configuration, MySQL documentation.
Mysql-essential-5.1.60-win32.msi is a lite version, and if only the MySQL service is required, select this version.
Mysql-5.1.60-win32.msi is the full version, with the Installer and Configuration Wizard, with MySQL documentation.
Mysql-noinstall-5.1.60-win32.zip is a non-installation zip package, there is no automatic installer and Configuration Wizard, manual installation of the configuration, there is a MySQL document.
Mysql-5.1.60.zip is the MySQL source compression package for Windows
With "Winx64" is the corresponding 64-bit version, under the 64-bit operating system for use.
Generally do background development, we can download Mysql-essential-5.1.60-win32.msi.

What is MySQL Enterprise Edition (MySQL Enterprises)?

MySQL Enterprise Edition is a proven and trustworthy platform that includes MySQL enterprise-class database software, monitoring and consulting services, and technical support to ensure your business achieves the highest level of reliability, security, and real-time performance.

MySQL Enterprise Edition includes:

MySQL Enterprise-Class Server, the most reliable and secure latest version of the world's most popular open source database.
MySQL Enterprise-class system monitoring tool that provides monitoring and automated consulting services to help you eliminate security breaches, improve replication, optimize performance, and more.
MySQL technical support enables you to get quick answers to your toughest technical questions.
MySQL Consulting support is only available to customers who have purchased MySQL Enterprise silver or gold services. The MySQL technical support team will provide your system with targeted advice on how to properly design and tune your MySQL server, plan, query, and replication settings for better performance.

What is MySQL Community edition (MySQL Community Server)?

MySQL Company has been focused on releasing the world's most popular open source database--mysql Community Server to the open source community.

It is free to use under the Open source GPL license.

What is the difference between MySQL Enterprise Edition and Community Edition?

At the end of 2006, MySQL began issuing MySQL Enterprise, a product that included a series of more robust services to improve the reliability, security, and performance of MySQL server.

To better understand the differences between MySQL Enterprise and Community Edition, you can get information in the table below:

If your business meets any of the following requirements characteristics, it is recommended that you adopt the MySQL Enterprise solution:

Other answers:

MySQL Community Edition is open source GPL licensed and available for free.

MySQL online edition is licensed through MySQL and requires money to purchase.

MySQL Web Edition is not available in the MySQL Community edition for Network and enterprise deployment features, troubleshooting features, technical and product support, upgrade updates, access to the MySQL knowledge Base, direct access to MySQL developer guidance, and more.

The first MySQL Community Server, this no money!
The second MySQL Enterprise this to pay, but can call to ask questions, that is, telephone technical support.
The third MySQL Cluster, which is not available alone, should be used on a 1 or 2 basis. Of course, to balance multiple databases.
The fourth MySQL Workbench, this is a good thing, used to design a database. Erwin, you know what? That's how he works.

MySQL Community Server Community version should not provide official technical support

MySQL Enterprise Server MySQL Business Edition Servers
The software is the most reliable, secure, and updated version of the MySQL Enterprise Server database that delivers cost-effective e-commerce, online transaction processing (OLTP), gigabit-scale data warehousing applications, and more. It supports ACID transaction processing and provides complete commit, rollback, crash recovery, and row-level locking capabilities. MySQL database is the most popular open source database in the world because of its ease of use, scalability and high performance.

MySQL Cluster more than 2 MySQL cluster servers

There are two versions of MySQL Workbench:
MySQL Workbench Community Edition (also known as MySQL Workbench OSS, Community Edition) and MySQL Workbench standard Edition (also known as MySQL Workbench SE, Commercial edition). MySQL Workbench oss is the Open source Community version published under the GPL certificate, while MySQL Workbench SE is a commercial version that is billed annually. There is a difference in functionality (it must be said that the important function of database/model synchronization is only available in the paid MySQL Workbench se, while in DBDesigner4 this is the basic function, this "succession" way is disgusting. )

MYSQL-3.23.39-1.I386.RPM: Contains all the files required to run the MySQL server, including the client program

MYSQL-3.23.39-1.SRC.RPM: Contains all the source code for MySQL

MYSQL-BENCH-3.23.39-1.I386.RPM: Contains programs for testing MySQL performance that require a master release and Perl

MYSQL-CLIENT-3.23.39-1.I386.RPM: contains only client programs

MYSQL-DEVEL-3.23.39-1.I386.RPM ": Contains the library and header files required to compile the client program

MYSQL-SHARED-3.23.39-1.I386.RPM: Contains a shared library for client programs

About the system version:

Windows Essentials (x86) 6.0.7:essentials Lite, Lite-removes instance files

Windows Zip/setup.exe (x86) 6.0.7: Automatic installation version, download down is a ZIP package, after decompression there is a Setup.exe, you can run the installation directly.

Without installer (unzip in C:) 6.0.7:installer compressed version-green free installation version, after extracting the program files, even the equivalent of running Setup.exe after the appearance of the need to manually configure their own.

MySQL GUI Tools A visual interface of the MySQL database management console, provides four very useful graphical applications, easy database management and data query. These graphical management tools can significantly improve database management, backup, migration, and query efficiency, even if users without a rich SQL language base can apply it. Each of them is:
MySQL Migration Toolkit: Database Migration
MySQL Administrator:mysql Manager
MySQL Query Browser: Graphical Client for data query
MySQL workbench:db Design Tool

Different versions of MySQL

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